The New Echolalia

Whatever it is I say to her
she repeats back perfectly:

I think you’re beautiful, I say; 
she tells me I should trim my beard.

I tell her how much I love her.
She reminds me to take my pills.

She gives me a kiss
when I bring her coffee.


This is a (real) oldie, dredged up for this week’s Writers’ Pantry #10 at Poets and Storytellers United. It was originally published (online) in November 2011, at the now-defunct Every Day Poets. Sorry, no active link remains.

19 thoughts on “The New Echolalia

  1. This is my new favorite of yours, Ron. I love the truth it sings about healthy relationships. For I truly believe that to love another well, we must love them like they want (and need) to be loved, not how we want.

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