He’s acutely aware that it’s May,
almost the middle of the year, and
he thinks more and more often
about phrases like “Time flies.”
He finally grasps, now that he’s
well past mid-life, the wicked math
that makes summers come and go;
waits around for what seems
like an eternity for the birthday cake,
the carousel’s turn, the inevitable
season’s change.
………………………………..It’s May again and
it’s Wednesday, the middle of the week.
He begins to think he’ll probably
muddle through somehow; somehow
find his second wind, find a way to
make it home reasonably unscathed
and ready to face the inescapable
summer’s heat, the cold and
inevitable, unavoidable fall.


Thursday Thirteen

13 Notes Of Note:

Want It Want it Want it Want it Want it
Want It Want it Want it Want it Want it
Want It Want it Want it

(Maybe after I get my shoulder fixed…)


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How To Avoid The Next Holocaust

Always read the manifestos carefully;
run and hide early
long before you think you must.

Never give matches to a monster.

Use whatever spare time you have
to wallow in the memory of ash.
Remember everything. Everything.

Never forget.

After the first World War
all he said he really wanted
was to make his homeland great again.

Six Word Saturday

Please Just Don’t Come Back, Donald

I thought about what witty things I might say to amplify these six words but, frankly, I’m not feeling witty anymore. I hope he enjoys his flight, finds himself some destination that hasn’t already built a wall to keep him out, and stays there.  Enough, already.


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Gandhi Was A Farce


It might as well be a movie about the Martian Civil War, in Martian, with Swedish subtitles. Gandhi was murdered lifetimes before anyone in the audience was born. Gandhi was murdered before they were born and long, long before anything which is commonplace in their lives today was commonplace at all or, for that matter, even existent.

Weeks and weeks ago, they were asked to reproduce the Indian flag, which they dutifully did. None of them asked about the significance of the spinning wheel pictured at the flag’s center. One intrepid and not yet fully disillusioned instructor attempted to explain it, but the concept of hand-spun thread, hand-woven into cloth was so foreign that its explanation might as well have been delivered in Martian or in Swedish, or in any other foreign tongue.


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Thursday Thirteen

13 Second Countdown

(I can think of a bunch of things I’d like to see get started or get finished or get booted out of office before this timer runs out)


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