Six Word Saturday

Dock To Deck, One Day Early.

Vacations Are Great; Home Is Greater.

Enough Is Enough; Am I Right?

My Beloved Sandra and I weren’t supposed to be here until later today, but we pulled in late last night, kicking off our Ruby Slippers, and still repeating Dorothy’s magic mantra. We had a great time in Maine, but when Sandra floated the idea of a (slightly) early return to the Beloved Homestead, I was all over that


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Maine Brain Freeze


If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, why not try inflicting a little brain freeze by ingesting a large (what they refer to as “regular”) strawberry / banana (ie “strawana”) sundae, made with their hone-made (ie KICK ASS) orange/pineapple frozen custard?

And it doesn’t really matter where you are, or where you’re coming from.  Just walk, jog, bike, hitch-hike, drive, or fly on over to Gloucester, Maine & let  them do their tropical best to remind you just what summer vacation’s really all about.

PS: I’m keeping in mind that this remains an ad-free blog, and so need to tell you that I have accepted no remuneration for this tribute.

I’m Going To Kill That Bitch


I’m going to kill her.  Again. In October.  Or at least that’s what I’m told by editor Dai Shotter at Your One Phone Call, who has accepted my poem, Killing That Bitch Again, for publication early in October (tentatively 10/5).

It’s a somewhat interesting little (dream)poem about killing someone I actually know (knew), who shall remain nameless (though she knows who she is and why I might want her dead.)

I hope I’ve intrigued you enough for now.  I’ll be back to remind you later, when the poem’s up.  Meanwhile there’s always good stuff, fresh daily, at YOUR ONE PHONE CALL

PS:  She’s probably already dead.