Good Fortune Smiles

I know yesterday was Friday the 13th and all, (and it was, indeed, a terrible day) but I´m feeling pretty lucky to have my brief work, The Sad Truth, featured today at One Sentence Poems.  I think this is my 5th appearance at OSP.  Many thanks to Editors Dale Wisely and Elizabeth McMunn-Tetangco, not only for accepting my work, but for continuing to provide readers with high-quality reading fare on an ongoing basis. 

Read THE SAD TRUTH here.


Six Word Saturday


I Have Finally Started Writing Again

I don’t know a single writer, myself included, that hasn’t gone through one or more non-productive dry spells.  Sometimes they last for days; sometimes weeks. Longer, even.

I don’t really want to say anything more on this subject.  (Jinx, y’know?)

Have a great weekend.


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Fair Warning


Photo Credit: Murray Lundberg /

I know the limit’s 50, but
I know the limit’s 50 on a
clear, dry morning commute
which this, asshole, is most
clearly not.
………………So by all means,
please feel completely free to
ignore my high-beams in your
rear-view mirror.
………………….   .Go ahead;
pass if you will, or pass if you
must, but pass me in a passing
zone or prepare to be blinded.

And if I find you, a mile or two
down the icy road, spun off
into the pasture beside that
ancient, abandoned barn, I
might slow down long enough
to make sure you haven’t died.

But don’t expect a lift into town.

Cheers, Dr. Stanley

Picture one of these…

roses…the only one we have left, a legacy and memorial of your grandparents, half-filled with Grand Marnier, half an hour before midnight on New Year’s Eve, being raised in your honor by the man who loves you most while some TV voice at Times Square sings John’s Imagine.

Then imagine him going to bed and sleeping soundly (for a change) and not waking up until almost 9 hours into 2017. Imagine him waking up still, as always, in love.

And now, good morning coffee.  Good morning.  Coffee.  Salud!

Dem Ol’ New Years Bluz…

I’ve worked my way through the Crab Rangoon and the Wonton Soup, and I’m planning on jumping into the Hunan Three Delights shortly, after a snifter (or two) of Grand Marnier. 

Just me & the ghost of Dick Clark.  

Meanwhile, dig this: