A Brief Interrogation

Q (Interrogator): Something must be terribly wrong. You just slept for seven hours straight.
A (The Accused): What? Oh. Yes. Lobsters. I always do.
Q:  Lobsters?
A:  Yes. I always do.
Q:  Very well then. Let’s move on.
A:  Move on?
Q:  Indeed. I need to know about the night in question.
A:  That’s not a question. It’s a statement.
(Transcriptionist): Could you repeat that, please? I didn’t get it.
A:  I didn’t get it either, but I was going to let it slide.
Q :  You were going to let what slide?
A:  What I said. It was critical. But she didn’t hear it anyway.
Q:  Let’s move on. I need to know about the night in question.
A:  The night in question?
Q:  Yes.
A:  Well, I’d slept seven hours straight. Something must have been terribly wrong.
Q:  That much has already been established.
A:  Has it, really? What about the lobsters? Can you ever establish lobsters?
Q:  Lobsters.
A:  Oh. Yes, I see. Well done.


Now incense holds the air where promise looms electric
and music catches breeze; where gentle catches kind:
………………..stay, stay the moment, linger—
 ……………….or, if we sense a song,
strong we raise our voices there where harmony we find.


Six Word Saturday


I Wish It Were Saturday Morning

Oh, wait……..YAAAAAAY!!!!

(PS: Thank you, Stanleys, for making Friday night so wonderful.)

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You’ve been here before
You don’t even have to knock
You’ll be back again
The gate is always open;
but you knew that, didn’t you?


It’s Almost 4AM And

After a double dose of Columbo and
and a couple of Perry Masons, he’s
had enough. Relax, he tells himself
— or thinks he tells himself  (he’s not
certain if he’s spoken out loud or
if he’s spoken at all) — he’s only sure
it’s time to relax, so he rolls over
onto his left side (his good side) and
presses the Pandora button, hopes
that a little Susumu Yokota Radio
and the tranquilizing effects of the
Lapsang Souchong kick in soon.

Thursday Thirteen


13 Of My Favorite Mints

1. Retiremint
2. Enrichmint
3. Discernmint
4. Refinemint
5. Statemint
6. Paymint
7. Invovemint
8. Commitmint
9. Judgemint
10. Engagemint
11. Amusemint
12. Refreshmint
13. Entitlemint

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