The Sad Truth


Photo: Katelin Kinney

You never know it
until the door closes
behind her
and you think.


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Six Word Saturday

Wait…Could That Really Be Me?


I got home from work to find an invitation from my Alma Mater, the University of Connecticut, to the upcoming 40th reunion of the Class of 1976.  I thought, “Why the hell are they sending thi…oh, wait…”  Yeah, that’s correct. I graduated in ’76 (1976). In the previous millennium.  Almost a half-century ago.

Crap.  No wonder my joints ache.

Worse yet: I could have graduated in 1973, but I started a little late & took off a couple of semesters here and there along the way.


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Six Word Saturday

Dock To Deck, One Day Early.

Vacations Are Great; Home Is Greater.

Enough Is Enough; Am I Right?

My Beloved Sandra and I weren’t supposed to be here until later today, but we pulled in late last night, kicking off our Ruby Slippers, and still repeating Dorothy’s magic mantra. We had a great time in Maine, but when Sandra floated the idea of a (slightly) early return to the Beloved Homestead, I was all over that


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Maine Brain Freeze


If you’re feeling particularly masochistic, why not try inflicting a little brain freeze by ingesting a large (what they refer to as “regular”) strawberry / banana (ie “strawana”) sundae, made with their hone-made (ie KICK ASS) orange/pineapple frozen custard?

And it doesn’t really matter where you are, or where you’re coming from.  Just walk, jog, bike, hitch-hike, drive, or fly on over to Gloucester, Maine & let  them do their tropical best to remind you just what summer vacation’s really all about.

PS: I’m keeping in mind that this remains an ad-free blog, and so need to tell you that I have accepted no remuneration for this tribute.