She’d done an online bedbug check
of the budget motel he’d booked
and it had come up clean, but
she made him promise to double check
upon arrival anyway. She’d also
packed him a large plastic bag
to keep all –(all!)– of his stuff in 
just in case.
……………….Upon arrival, he’d
dutifully hung up his few clothes,
checked the toilet for crap stains
and the shower for pubic hair,
turned down the bedspread and
un-tucked the sheets for a
visual inspection.
……………………Satisfied that all
was well, he grabbed the remote,
licked it, and settled in for Alex Trebek.

Those Were The Days…

He hadn’t walked in a city for almost two decades and, now, having limped halfway up Main from Canal to High, finally reaching the municipal parking lot and barely being able to haul his screaming knees into the pickup, he remembers fondly how using mass transit had been a matter of convenience, not necessity.


Six Word Saturday

(Don’t remember squishing any recent roadkill, but…)

North Country Road Hazard: Porcupine Quills


These barbed little buggers can, in fact, work their way in & cause a slow leak if not removed.  Big thanks to the sharp eyes of my friend Christopher for spotting them.


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Brattleboro (VT) Literary Festival this weekend. 

I’m limiting myself to poets, mostly because I need a shot in the arm (kick in the pants?) to get me jump-started.  If any of these readings fail to pan out, I still have dozens of other writers (in all genres) to see/hear instead.

Here’s the tentative plan:

1. Vijay Seshardi & Jeffrey Harrison (If I get there early enough)
2. Karin Gottshall & Michael White
3. Forrest Gander & Rachel Eliza Griffiths
4. Gregory Pardlo & CD Wright

Open Reading

1. Alice Fogel & Chad deNiord
2. Ellen Bryant Voigt & Cleopatra Mathis

Special Event
(Tribute To Galway Kinnell) :
• Wyn Cooper—“The Road Between Here and There
• Dede Cummings—“Blackberry Eating
• Chard deNiord—“Pure Balance
• Melissa Hammerle—“The Still Time
• Ellen McCulloch-Lovell—from “When One Has Lived a Long Time Alone
• Cleopatra Mathis—“St. Francis and the Sow
• Gregory Pardlo—“Brother of My Heart
• Vijay Seshadri—“Tillamook Journal
• Lisa von Kann—comments about Galway
• Ellen Bryant Voigt—“The Quick and the Dead


Info about all authors at the festival HERE


Small Change, No-Shows

Everything remains mostly green, September
having been one of the drier Septembers in
recent memory, and warmer, too: temps,
lounging comfortably, well into the mid-80s
for most of the month.
……………………………In its final days, finally,
–but only just before they’re due to fall–a few
grudging golds but almost no reds appear.
Businesses across the state, normally in
blissful anticipation of the imminent arrival
of tourist busses and the resultant influx of
flatlander capital, now begin to fret and dread
the sad likelihood of cancelled reservations,
empty rooms at the local inns, and all those
unsnapped photos, unsold souvenirs.