Sleep Well, If You can…

I used to subscribe to the notion that some things never change, but now I’m older and wiser and have come to realize that some things never change because we don’t work hard enough to change them because we believe that some things never change.

Things can change. All we have to do is change our minds.


usta in my youth be
(truth be
usta in my youth
be bold and

usta in my youth
in my younger days
usta have my hopes
usta hunger for dope
usta hafta cope with
negative ways

usta be a teapot
and short

usta court the spidergirls
itsy bitsy spidergirls
until I saw a wider world
and moved on out

Ragtag Daily — Past
Real Toads Tuesday Platform


When the night creeps in over
Maiden City, the increasing eve
is more than merely dark, more
than merely a hide-and-seek;
it’s the jungle’s seek-and-destroy
that Whisker Man, daily, remembers
and remembers and remembers.
The whisker man never sleeps.
He stays awake; he hunts and
remembers, drinking in the night.

And almost no one’s got any change
left in their pockets when the clock
in the Church Street steeple bongs
and the panhandling’s finally over;
but his head wounds never heal,
and Whisker Man prays for peace.

Rumor Has It (A Cherita)

Everyone says winter’s here.

Lots of folks
do lots of talking.

I think
all this snow
is trying to tell me something.

(Never heard of the Cherita form before? Me neither.  They laid out the basic form for the Saturday prompt at the Imaginary Garden and I also discovered that ‘Cherita’ is the Malay word for “story’ or ‘tale’.)

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