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Red Wolf Journal is currently exploring their “True Love” theme, and I’m very happy that they found my poem “Overheard” to be worthy of inclusion.

I wrote the original draft of this poem a couple summers ago when My Beloved Sandra and I were staying at a lovely rental home on Thompson Lake in Maine. The home featured a dock where, frankly, I could have spent the entire week just sipping coffee, writing, and listening to the silence which was broken only occasionally by the transient loons and the faintest hints of distant conversations drifting across the water.

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Sincere thanks to editors Irene Toh and Tawnya Smith for including my work, and for all of the other really fine work which is always available at Red Wolf Journal.



I have lived underground before, but
it was only the ‘fallen-off-the-grid’  underground.
It was the ‘nothing’s-worth-paying-attention-to-anyway’;
the ‘no-one-really-gives-a-damn’ underground.
I thought I was happy then, but…

This time, life in the shelter is different.
Now I have no secrets; nothing to hide.
I go to sleep at my keyboard
knowing that everyone outside
knows who and what I am; they know
I’m no longer with them.

This time, though, they care
and I care, too.

But it’s too late; too late. This time
the underground’s much smaller.

Imaginary Garden / Real Toads / Shelter

real toads


Here’s another Oldie, dredged up for this week’s Poetry Pantry at Poets United. I was pretty sure this one was previously published, but my search for it at Eggs Over Tokyo kept coming up blank, so I guess I’m just misremembering.

At any rate…


Oubliette: Myth Of Captivity

There is no bottom.
The longer I am here
the more deeply I understand:
‘bottom’ is a myth.

Your meager chains and locks
are nothing to me now;
I surrender to them easily,
remember starlight,
sink into my escape.


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