Six Word Saturday


I’ve Been Having Computer Problems, Lately

>>The Hypnotic Screen: Whenever it’s time to shut down the computer and get down to some non-digital activity—whether the activity’s chore-ish or even when it’s just-for-fun-ish—the damned Svengali screen pops up and says, “No. You are under my control. You must remain.” So: another half-hour, another half-day checking my email or looking at cockeyed political videos or look-what-my-dog-says memes or watching a couple of nitwits argue about nothing that really matters on Facebook.

>>The Recalcitrant Keys Zone: Conversely, when I have actual important keyboarding stuff to do—especially when it has something to do with my writing—nada. All the keys are there before me, glaring, but each of them seems to scream, “Don’t you dare touch me, you friggin hack. And if you do, I will not cooperate. You can fill a page if you want, but we’re gonna make sure it’s friggin gibberish, so don’t even bother.”

>>The Muse Is Calling Subterfuge: I do, indeed, have a life away from my computer, but the device seems intent on stealing that away from me as well. Sure, I need my sleep like anyone else, but when I happen to have a particularly interesting dream (and, being a prolific dreamer, this occurs frequently), the damned computer will NOT just let me go back to sleep and capture the dream in the morning. No. It demands that I rise and record it immediately. So I sacrifice my rest and my overall health to do so. But am I successful?? Noooooooo!!! Why? (See the previous paragraph.) Or maybe I need to do some housekeeping before My Beloved Sandra returns, finds the place is a bunghole, and finally gives me the old heave-ho. Do I get it done? Not always. Why? Because I thought I needed to capture an inspired thought first. But did I? No. Why? (See the previous paragraph.)

I could go on, I guess, justly blaming the computer for everything but…I’ve already spent far too much time creating this post, and The King Of The Computer Keys (His Majesty, The DELETE Key) is demanding his due.

Gotta run.

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Before It’s Fully Friday

Listen to the music, he thinks;
the music will kidnap you gently.
Don’t look at the screen. The screen
is brutal. The screen is murder.
Kidnap is kind. Listen to the music.
Don’t try to write it down. Don’t.
It’s music. Just listen. The screen
is visible death. Don’t look at it.
Don’t. Listen to the music.

Breathe. Listen. Breathe.


He’d been all over the map
in the last few months; been up
all night some nights, traveling
like a ragged sailor, unable or
unwilling to furl his tattered sails
against the night’s wind, blown out
to the limits of one strange horizon
after another. And today was just
beginning; just another day to be
sailed through, another long night
to be tolerated, outlasted, endured
until there was nothing left but just
another morning.


Thursday Thirteen

(Over The Rainbow…)

13 Times When Color Really Does Matter

1. The Orange Badge of Courage
2. Snow Beige and The Seven Dwarfs
3. The Devil And The Deep Purple Sea
4. The Blue, Blue Grass of Home
5. Red Widow Spider
6. Baa Baa Green Sheep
7. Indigo Eggs and Ham
8. The Tan Panther
9. The Orange Hornet
10. Green Submarine
11. Scarlet Flamingo
12. Red Suede Shoes
13. Fifty Shades of Pink

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