On Prospect Hill


If the wind is right
you catch a bit of highway drone, maybe;
like some truck, hauling it up toward Newport—
or a sunset chainsaw,
snarling, but far away.
it’s only crows; almost always
only crows.

Ron.’s Sundress

My poem, Sundress, is up today at Red Wolf Journal as part of their 2015 Spring Issue, featuring poems with the Here Comes The Sun theme. I hope you’ll stop by to check it out. I’m grateful to editors Irene Toh and Tawnya Smith for selecting and publishing my work. 

You can find the poem here: SUNDRESS

And it’s not too late to submit for the spring issue. You can see the Guidelines, and access the (ongoing) issue HERE.





I don’t usually keep track of such things, but I noted when I posted yesterday’s Six Word Saturday that it was post #799, making this post #800 (assuming I haven’t totally lost all my math faculties).

Eight hundred posts in almost exactly five years.

Apologies to anyone I’ve bored along the way.




Heinlein’s Lunch Break

Credit: King Larry’s Curiosities

Because it’s lunchtime, and because he’s a writer, he takes a writer’s lunch, twisting the truth when he writes because he believes that truth, untwisted, is far less fun to read; that the straight line from fact to fact, while short and direct, is also predictable and, often, boring.

He gives the pathetic parking lot seagull eagle feathers, lets it soar awhile, then allows it to swoop down on the placid asphalt lake to pluck out a french fried salmon before catching an upward thermal and gliding back to its perch at the apex of the mountain’s golden arch.

All the cars parked around the lake look like spaceships, and he knows that some of them are; knows that some of their absent owners are still out there somewhere, floating around, weightless. He has driven his own pickup to the moon, determined it to have neither atmosphere nor ambiance, but he only reluctantly considers re-entry.

All things are alien to him now. He is a stranger in his own land.

Thursday Thirteen


13 Literary Near-Misses

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7. The Bun Also Rises
8. The Naked and The Read
9. Sometimes a Great Motion
10. A Farewell to Harms
11. Finnegan’s Wait
12. Lord of the Fries
13. The Postman Always Brings Rice


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Paper Snow Day

The snow is only a paper snow today, only a
story of snow outside the window, and the snowdrifts
I pass in the hallway are only paper snowdrifts.

Today, though, there’s imaginary sunlight.
I bask in it in bed from ten til noon, a new man
in a new year under the same old imaginary sun.

The sky today is a painted sky
and the imaginary sun is only pinned to it
the way a child pins a paper dragon to a bedroom wall.

Outside, I can see the air moving. I watch it
through the window, but it remembers the snow
is only paper and rushes away, forgetting to bite.


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