Sevenling (he spends most)

He spends most of his month
up all night, at the keyboard,
behind schedule.
…………………….His schedule
is mostly eat, sleep, write, sleep
write, eat, sleep, eat, write.

Next month he plans to fast.

Six Word Saturday

Yeah, We Gots Dat Crazy Shit


(Oy.  Don’t ask)

Wedder it be fur of the Murcan or a big ol’ pile of shiny scrap meddles, we gots it.  An everbuddy else seemsa wanit. Leave us alone, I sez.  We gots plenty but it aint yers.  Bug off.  Right?

Urp. Scuze me.


Call Me Cate wastes no words at: SHOW MY FACE


Quick Turnaround, Long wait

Big thanks to Kate Garrett, Poetry / Flash Fiction Editor of Pankhearst’s upcoming Slim Volume anthology, See Into The Dark, for accepting my poem “…some sort of gun.” which was one of four pieces submitted.

It’s rare to receive any response (either acceptance or rejection) in such short order (six days!) and so early (submission deadline = February, 2016). Needless to say, I’m a happy poet.

The anthology won’t be published until May.  I don’t mind the wait; I’ve read earlier releases from Slim Volume, and I’m sure my work will be in good company.

Bonus: I get the satisfaction of knowing that I’ll have at least one poem published next year.

I’ll tug on your sleeve about this one later…much later.

In My Copy Of The Quran…

(Yes I have one & have read it carefully, several times.)

Here’s what it says  (repeatedly!) about the need for killing unbelievers:

“…He that follows the right path shall follow it for his own good; and he that goes astray shall do so at his own peril. You are not accountable for them.”     —Quran, 39:41

(39:41 in Arabic HERE)

“As for those that serve other masters besides Him, God Himself is watching them. You are not responsible for what they do.”    —Quran, 42:6

(42:6 in Arabic HERE)

No Armed Jihad Required, Brothers. Lay Down Your Arms.

Six Word Saturday

It’s Impossible To Be Glib Today


And we all know that violence is a springboard for more (and more severe) violence; so it’s getting even harder to imagine all the people living life in peace.


It’s still pretty peaceful at Call Me Cate‘s SHOW MY FACE


Janeys In The Running

Submitted today: The Janey Poems (chapbook).  It’s Version 2.0: 20 Janey poems, mostly unpublished, to Slope Editions Chapbook Contest. I haven’t done a contest in ages; I figure that every submission’s a contest in one way or another.

Five of the 20 were previously published, but none of them recently, so I don’t think that will hurt my chances much.

Here’s one from 2003, originally published in the (now defunct) Moondance:

Janey At Five Below

Janey leaves alone
what she’s left behind. A door,
closed, remains closed.
Dark remains dark
and Janey does not linger
long enough to fix the blame.

Janey breathes
a slashing, glassy air. She
stands, transfixed, wreathed;
her own breath her only halo.

Let’s All Sing

I say this: we have wars
because we have armies,
not the other way round.

The war will not be over
until we all turn ourselves
into the fat lady singing
 All You Need Is Love
or Give Peace A Chance
or even, hell, I don’t know
any old song; but not some
deadly National Anthem

Something hopeful, though,
like The Itsy Bitsy Spider
climbing back up that spout
prevailing after all that rain