After The Mortarboard

Before very long he was drinking the
chowder and eating beer with a spoon.
Nobody seemed to notice; everyone
seemed preoccupied by poolwater
and slabs of cheese, by neighborly
and gossip-free chit-chat, by questions
for the happy half-sloshed graduate
about his crazy post-grad travel plans.

RDP Friday — Graduate

real toads

One Deep Breath


By noon he’s pretty toasted,
buys himself a burger and a Coke
and goes down to sit in the shade
beside the lake, contemplate
its smooth surface like it’s a
giant crystal ball, and try to
divine whatever comes next.
The only other beings he encounters
are a few ragged gulls
scavenging the shoreline for scraps
and a pair of loons
forty or fifty feet out, bobbing and diving
for whatever it is loons dive for.
He watches them for the longest time,
thinking about how quiet it must be
just below the surface. He wonders
why they come back up at all.

IG/RT — Tuesday Platform