If he has to hear
Cry Me A River
……….one more time
………One more time
……… more time
he’s going to make her
eat that fucking piano.

Six Word Saturday

I’m Going To  A Job Interview

Don’t get too excited; I’m neither interviewing nor being interviewed. I’m just providing transport for My Beloved Sandra, who’s interviewing someone for her District. But since Sandra always tells me I need to look on the brighter side of things, I’ll note that we get to spend some quality time together both before & after the interview.

And I’ll be insisting on lunch.


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Ron.’s Gun

I just received my pre-publication PDF copy of the forthcoming (May 13th) anthology See Into The Dark, one of the Slim Volume series from Pankhearst Publishing, which will contain my poem, “…Some Sort Of Gun”  amid lots of other fine writing — both poetry and short prose. 

It’s a volume that, as editor Kate Garrett says, “will be a book of oddities and causes for alarm.”

You can find other titles in the Slim Volume anthology series HERE

You know I’ll be back to remind you when it’s available.

Vanishing Act

This one’s for you, Carlos..

Carl Edward Reardon III (‘Cyrt’) 4/18/1953 — 12/9/2011

Oh man, we had some great roadtrips, eh?
Not a day goes by that I don’t bang on something or hum some tune & think of you, my brother.

Spark one up for me, wherever you are.

Life: A Sentence


He’s almost an hour early for hemo/oncology, waits with a coffee and the other early arrivals, watching the lab coats come and go, counting the turns of the lab’s revolving door, and attempting to calculate the likelihood that his particular marble will fall on either red or black, odd or even, hoping that when he’s finally released it will still be Spring and he will have failed to hit the jackpot once again, can stop one more time at the bookstore’s café for a second cup of coffee and a couple of macaroons, can bask in all the tentative reassurances that modern medicine can offer to an iffy, aging scribe.


Thursday Thirteen

13 Great Translations

1. groot vertalings
2. cyfieithiadau mawr
3. tarjamahan gede
4. grandes traducciones
5. shanduro makuru
6. faaliliuga tele
7. grandes traductions
8. dako nga mga hubad
9. grote vertalingen
10. tradiksyon gwo
11. nui unuhi
12. lehibe teny
13. zoo txhais


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