Let’s Be Purple

I’m sick of all the Red State / Blue State bullshit.
We know what we have to do.

purpleLet’s paint the whole place purple.




Meaningless Shufui’tutti

G’ded wat! Howmi spusta wuya?” she says
but I don’t speak that language
and it’s hard to read her expression
so I haven’t got a clue about how to answer.
I smile. I always feel like I should smile;
not because I’m happy but because, well,
no matter what it is she says, she always
sounds so happy when she speaks.
I suppose she could be saying anything,
like, “How’d you like a knife in the throat?”
or “I’m sorry I’ve infected you.” I don’t care.
I smile back and nod. She’s a babe.




Another (Sad) Six Words

Saturdays Just Won’t Be The Same…

six words

Our friend Cate at SHOW MY FACE has been posting warnings for a couple of weeks now, but I’ve been trying to ignore them, hoping they wouldn’t come true, but…

Here’s the latest:

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Six Word Saturday #421 (April 1 – next week) will be the last here at Show My Face. Beginning April 8, the weekly fun will be moving over to TRAVEL WITH INTENTDebbie’s been a frequent long-time 6WS contributor (and has a beautiful blog!) and she’s graciously agreed to step up and take over for me. If you aren’t already following Debbie, please follow her blog.

I know I’m not the only one sending best wishes and many thanks to Cate for having provided us all something to look forward to each week, and also sending positive vibes to Debbie Smyth for volunteering to take up the baton.

Six Word Saturday

We All Have Our Own Regrets


She was right there. She was.
Anyone could see her standing there.
It was raining. It didn’t matter.
There she was in the rain.
It’s not like I couldn’t help.
She’d been standing there for years.
She’d probably be standing there forever.
She probably had a couple kids.
I should have helped her out.
I don’t know why I didn’t.
She could have been my sister.
She was. She was everybody’s sister.
I should have helped her out.


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Sevenling (it’s hard to)



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Sevenling (it’s hard to)

It’s hard to tell the difference, sometimes:
the total imbecility, the misleading implications,
the deliberate attempts at lying subterfuge.

And it’s hard to know how to react:
passive resistance and patience, impeachment and
replacement, or blood-in-the-streets revolution.

I know how I’m leaning these days.