New Year Brewing

I’m very happy to have heard from Ann Kestner, founder and editor at Poetry Breakfast, accepting my work and advising me that my poem The Daily Grind will be published on January 2nd.

It’s always a pleasure working with Poetry Breakfast.  Their turnaround time for submissions is always short (in my case always under a month, occasionally under a week, and–once–less than two days).  Their presentation is crisp, focused, and (above all) very high quality, day in and day out.  And I’ve been pretty lucky getting stuff accepted & published there: my acceptance rate is about 1 in 3.

At any rate, I hope you’ll join me for coffee right after New Year.  I’ll post something to remind you then, Okay?

Meanwhile, lots of other good stuff at POETRY BREAKFAST.






He put on his lullaby music right after SNL’s Weekend Update and slept soundly until almost 8AM. 

Who the hell is that guy?

BONUS:  Just before waking up there was this really cool dream about being the only one to escape food poisoning from the sautéed mussels & shrooms they served at a midnight party in the woods, thrown to celebrate the fullest moon ever. He felt bad for all the other party-goers, but he had to admit the mussels were delicious and the shrooms made the moon even fuller.

Six Word Saturday (x4)

(Two Sixes For Trump’s Carrier “Save”):

But Who’ll Pay All Those Taxes?
And What About All Those Layoffs?

(Or, In A Less Political Vein):

I’ve Got Shit To Do Today
If Only The Body Would Cooperate


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Six Word Saturday

(It’s The Season Of “Gifting” Again, but…)

Note: “Gift” Is Not A Verb

The act of gifting giving is a kindness.
One should always gift give from the heart.
Almost anything may be gifted given.

Want to seem gifted? Use the language properly.


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So Much Depends Upon


I know I’ll have at least one thing published next year anyway…

I’ve received notice from M Scott Douglass, editor at Main Street Rag Publications,  that one of two pieces I submitted for an upcoming anthology has been accepted for publication.

My poem “So Much Depends Upon A Red Wig” will appear in a fast food-themed anthology to appear “sometime in the fall” of 2017.

The poem originally appeared 15 years ago in the (now defunct) Higginsville Reader.

It’s always good to have something to simultaneously look back at and forward to, eh?

Status Quo

There I was again in that same ruined acropolis of
semisleep at almost four, unable to either breathe or
stop breathing, shamed by both my missing vision
and my total inability. There I was without you,
without even a fragment, in a darkened cell without
a phone and without a clue, without a map or even a
sense of direction.
………………………And playing the usual lullabies
or reciting the list of four-syllable words, even the
made-up ones, was no help; even wrapping myself
under the usually comforting layers of white fleece.
Nothing would turn the invisible switch; nothing
would put an end to the sad, interminable wait for
whatever I have fooled myself into expecting, given
the history of what I usually fail to create.
…………………………………………………..And even
if I could, even if I could somehow capture bliss
—or even if I could only sleep—none of it would matter
without you here to share it with me tonight.