Like A One-Handed Clock…


It’s almost impossible to tell what time it is when the clock’s only got one hand.

Most likely, by the time you read this, I’ll be busy getting myself a new right shoulder, which will leave me essentially one-handed for some weeks to come, thus making easy posting impossible.  So: less posting for the foreseeable future, while I recoup and enjoy the opioid-induced haziness they promised me.

But rest assured: even though I won’t be posting much, I WILL be reading, and I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to hit the “Like” button, so please continue to keep me entertained while I reset the clock, okay? 

Sounds like a deal.  Let’s shake on it…Oh wait; never mind:


Thanks anyway. Catch you later.

Girl Of His Dreams


She was drunk, and he knew
that she’d continue to be drunk;
knew that her daughters would
grow up without her; grow up
away from her, without even
a trace of her, except the rare
and mumbled blackout phone call
almost always unintelligible
in the middle of the night.

When he finally walked away,
he could hear her telling him
all about her upcoming descent
into hell, all about how—if he left
her now—it was all his fault.

When he turned his back,
she said, he turned his back
on any chance they’d ever
meet again, but he knew
it wasn’t true; knew that
—no matter how much distance
he might put between them—
he would never be free of her.

As he walked away, he could
sense her reaching for the pint
he knew she carried in her bag.

He woke up alone.
The phone was ringing.


End Of The Line

If I were the father of children
I would tell them that the sky is blue denim
and they would worship the moon.

If I were the father of children,
people, meeting them on the street,
would smile and wonder, would pause and smile.

My children would have the certain knowledge
that Summer’s color is caught in Autumn’s air.


Six Word Saturday

I Know How To Stop Time

wood smoke in teacup
—Lapsang Souchong Saturday—
nothing needs to start


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The Count


86 keys in total
most of them the same size
practical letters & numbers

the next largest group
function and arrow keys
smaller but apparently mighty

two stand separate: escape
in the upper left-hand corner
and the giant, well-thumbed space


Sling Me Some Long-Term Hammock, Dude

School’s not quite done yet, despite the fact that the students have declared otherwise. There’s a full day today and a couple half-days on Friday and Monday, but (unlike the students who still have to at least show up) I’ve already put in the required absentee paperwork, so technically I’m done.

And I do mean done.

Sadly, Summer will be over before we know it and they’ll have to get back to work.  Not me, though. When I say “done“, I mean DONE.

Q: What does Mr. Retirement say on the 1st day of the new school year?
A: “Neener, neener, neener.”