Six Word Saturday

That Should Make My Life Easier…


I hadn’t seen the mailbox since just after Christmas, but finally we had enough thaw so that I was able to locate / retrieve / repair and replace it on its post at the end of the driveway.

Mr. Snowplow Man was only doing his duty when he dislodged it, sending it flying about 10 feet into the cornfield and burying it, his action assisted and abetted by Mother Nature and her successive heavy-snowfall blizzards.

The driveway’s only about 300 feet long. The Post Office, down in the village, is about a mile and a half away. They were kind enough not to insist that I hire a PO Box, and held my mail for my daily pick-up.

All of that’s behind us now, though. And just in time: It’s almost Mud Season, and the mile-and-a-half trek down into the village on the pot-holed two-lane “road” can be a nightmare.

Ahhh…Country Livin’ !!

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