Chicken Little was right. It’s Sunday
and the sky is falling. It’s Sunday night
and it’s almost midnight or it seems like
midnight without you here. It’s late and
it’s August or almost August and you’re
not here; you’re out there somewhere,
staring up at the same stars in another
kind of sky.
………………Come back to me soon. Come
home tonight to this house of straw, losing
its battle with the wind; come home again
from the sea and the salted air to the trees
on the hills alive with green and the stars
falling like wayward wishes.
……………………………….Come home, my love.
It’s almost August. The midnight sky is falling.


I put “final” touches on this just last light; a poem started a few years back, waiting for My Beloved Sandra to finish up her annual family get-together in Maine and return to my Green Mountains in Vermont.

Real Toads Tuesday Platform

Maybe Next Time…

Well, I’m truly happy that my work (“Crickets”) made the Shortlist, but (sadly) that’s as far as it went.

PULP Literature announced the winner of the 2018 Hummingbird Prize for Flash Fiction and the winner is……

Nicholas Christian for “The Angler

Contest Judge Bob Thurber had this to say:
“The language of ‘The Angler’ blisters like sunburn. The edges of this very short (under 600 words) story are prickly bright and they’ll leave blind spots on your eyes for days. Congratulations to the winner, and thank you for the enjoyable daze. Your story outshined a long, sunny list of finalists.”

Congratulations to Mr. Christian and to (Runner-Up) Robert Runté (“Day Three”).

I’m certainly looking forward to some great reading.


Please, Please, PLEASE!!

Time’s running out.

My debut chapbook, Fallen Away (Finishing Line Press) will NOT go to print as scheduled (Sept 21) until I have reached the publisher’s minimum number for Advanced Sales.

Advanced Sales period ends on July 27 … ONLY TWO WEEKS AWAY!!

I’m still about 25 copies behind the minimum. At the rate they’re being ordered, I MIGHT NOT make the minimum. (Gasp! Groan!)


I know about a few orders that have recently been placed (this week) but haven’t shown up on the weekly sales update yet, and I greatly appreciate EVERYONE who has placed an order, but… if you’re still on the fence (or going on vacation) please consider an order.

I’m not quite over the hump yet. ANYTHING you can do to help me out…(I’m groveling here, in case you can’t see me.)

A couple of the poems in the book have been previously published. Here’s a link to one of them, to whet your appetite: COLD SNAP


Make yourself (or someone else) happy.

Fallen Cover

Thursday Thirteen

13 Reasons Why My Last Few T-13s Have Sucked So Badly Or Been Absent Altogether

I’ve Been Kinda

1. Busy
2. Tired
3. Lazy
4. Preoccupied
5. Uninspired
6. Forgetful
7. Ill
8. Afraid Of Failure
9. Depressed
10. Dazed
11. Confused
12. Scattered
13. Tongue-Tied

(As you can see, I’m still kinda, uh, all those things. Maybe next week, I’ll plan ahead a little better. Maybe. But the next few weeks are already looking kinda, uh… So, um, don’t hold your breath. August, maybe…)

Don’t forget me, please.

Mo’ Betta T-13s Here