Six Word Saturday

Ron.’s Been Working On His Sins

If all goes as planned, Volume 1 of a planned 7-volume anthology /series will be released later this month by PURE SLUSH. I’m pleased to be included in Volume 1, and am hopeful of making it into all 7, if they’ll have me.

The theme of the series is The Seven Deadly Sins.
Sin #1? What else?

My naughty poem for Volume 1 (Lust) is titled Do It Yourself. I’ve already crossed my fingers and submitted a poem for Vol 2 (Gluttony), and am contemplating work for the other 5 volumes (Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride) when those submission windows open.

I’ll keep you posted. Paperback and eBook versions can be purchased later in March, and you KNOW I’ll be sharing it / them ASAP at EGGS OVER TOKYO.

Meanwhile, weekend entertainment at 6WS



Thursday Thirteen

13 Times Worth Singing About

It’s almost midnight on Wednesday & I’m running out of tick tick tick, so:

1. Time In a Bottle
2. Time Has Come Today
3. By The Time I Get to Phoenix
4. Time Is On My Side
5. Love Me Two Times
6. Old Time Rock & Roll
7. Time Of The Season
8. As Time Goes By
9. Time Passages
10. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is
11. Feels Like The First Time
12&13. Time After Time

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This Just In

You’d think there’d be some news, but…
only flapping gums
nothing resembling new news

yakking all day long
nothing but more of the same:
The planet. Dying.

We’re all along for the ride
—smiling, clicking our remotes—
waiting for the word


Grace Notes

Listen to the music, he thought;
the music will kidnap you gently.
Don’t look at the screen. The screen
is brutal. The screen is murder.
Kidnap is kind. Listen to the music.
Listen. Don’t write it down. Don’t try.
It’s music. Just listen. The screen is
talking death. Don’t look at the screen.
Don’t. Listen to the music.

Breathe. Listen. Breathe.

Before he knew it was
Tuesday morning, he’d
already worn out
at least two verbs.
He didn’t really care.
He’d been kidnapped.

His supply was endless.


No Quits Allowed

Like It Or Not

Even the sleep-impaired, sleep-deprived,
incoherent insomniac must comply:
there will be no exceptions made,
no exemptions granted.
Even though the earliest light
only magnifies the nothingness,
it is precisely that effect
which is to be recorded.
It is strictly forbidden
to reject the task, forbidden
to surrender to recalcitrance.

So: Now what, another Nagasaki?
Or will it just be the usual:
blueberry pancakes
and a pageful of denial?