Lost On Tanka Beach


Issue #6 of Tanka Journal is now available, and my (castaway?) contribution is included among all the other fine work to be found there.

Unfortunately, there’s no link to my specific page, but you only have to scroll down past a few others to find me.

Never mind. I’ll save you the trouble:

 Silence at sunrise:
only the sound of breakers
—morning, lost in fog—
I am adrift on the shore
unable to set my sail

You should check out the whole issue, though. There’s lots of good stuff in Issue #6, and five additional (ie previous) issues to see as well. If you’re a Tankaholic—or even if you just dig the form–Tanka Journal is for you.


After The Mushrooms


Everything came to an end when he
opened the bureau and, finding only
someone else’s clothes there—neither his
nor hers—he turned to her to announce
his discovery, saw someone else standing there
instead, smiling and brandishing
what at first appeared to be a small silver flask,
but when he tried to get a closer look
the screen simply faded and went black
and he was left alone, bolt upright
in bed, jolted into consciousness,
to figure it out for himself.


Time Will Tell


Sometime soon—I don’t know exactly when, but sometime this winter—the inaugural issue of Months To Years will be published, and I’m happy to announce that Editor Renata Louwers has chosen to include my own short prose piece, “Levels”.

I know that many readers might initially be somewhat reluctant to peruse a journal that’s dedicated to publishing works about mortality. Literature about living with, attempting to overcome, or even accepting and succumbing to terminal illness isn’t everyone’s favorite genre. But here’s some insight from MTY’s Cover Page:

“Why dedicate a journal to writing about death? Contemplating mortality – be it by a terminally ill patient, a hospice nurse, a bereaved person, a recovering cancer patient – sparks profound and compelling writing rich in insights about the human condition. It seems it is nearly impossible to contemplate dying without also reflecting on how to live well.”

I’m hoping that my own meager contribution to this issue (187 words, creative nonfiction) will bear this out.

I’m also hoping that, when the issue’s up & I remind you about it, you’ll stop by and check it out. I’m predicting that it will be worth your time.

Thursday Thirteen

13 (Very) Loosely Related

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3. Chicken Little
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5. Girl Of My Dreams
6. Sleeping Beauty
7. Belladonna
8. Donna Reed
9. Read ‘Em & Weep
10. For Crying Out Loud
11. The Sounds of Silence
12. Zip Your Lip
13. Kiss Me Kate

Another (Just because I felt like it):

1. one
2. too
3. also
4. as well
5. Wellington
6. boot
7. toot
8. coke
9. crack
10. butt
11. butter
12. better
13. won

I know; I know: lame. Sorry. Best I could manage this week. I’ll try to do better in the future. No guarantee for next week, though; My Beloved Sandra and I will be on the road.

Meanwhile, The New Thursday 13  awaits.


Honku. Take Your Choice.

We’re all hypnotized:
the world is at a standstill
—no one even honks—


Don’t honk. Ram bumbers.
High speed flash rules the highways.
Get there first or die.


Wow! This horn is Cool!!
Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk! Honk!
Whoo-Hoo!!!! Honk! Honk! Hoooooooonk!!!!


Go Figure


I recognize their titles: Senator,
Director, Attorney General, and I
watch and listen week after week,
year after year, as they raise their hands,
take the oath, swear to god, promise
to tell only the truth, the most whole
and truest truth anyone’s ever told.

Still, somehow, I’m dubious…