Thursday Thirteen


13 Of My Favorite Mints

1. Retiremint
2. Enrichmint
3. Discernmint
4. Refinemint
5. Statemint
6. Paymint
7. Invovemint
8. Commitmint
9. Judgemint
10. Engagemint
11. Amusemint
12. Refreshmint
13. Entitlemint

You, too, can T13 HERE



It all went as planned.
We waited until morning
then all hell broke loose.
Finally there was silence.
We started digging the graves.


Beyond Merely Edible


All the ads say it’s hot and juicy,
and it’s hot alright, but the juicy’s
really just grease that congeals
pretty quickly back into fat.
He’s reasonably sure he can
feel it coating his arteries
even before he swallows it.
None of this, though,
keeps him from eating there
three or four times a week,
nor does it cause him to consider
ordering a salad
or the lo-cal fruit parfait.


After The Pills Kick In (Again)

(Slightly revised to more accurately reflect the current conditions, but still as true tonight as it was when originally written, several years back.)

After The Pills Kick In

Holstered, scalpelized, 
I crave an octopus jam
stow tomes, strum rug fringe