Landscape, Silenced

Landscape, Silenced *

Isn’t it a given* that here, safe inside, alone,
I should feel encouraged to sing as loud as I want,
any song I choose, in any room I like?

Am I not the master of this domain? Can’t I
just close the drapes, proclaim my sovereignty,
ignore the planet’s disintegration, and sing?

Yet, without fail, I’m forced to seek new songs,
search for any tune but the now-familiar dirge,
attempt to recall even a single positive lyric.

I pull back curtains, open the wintered windows,
invite the frigid in to warm an even colder me.
I pray unanswered prayers for sunlit inspiration.

But every morning*, every day, remains silent.
I fail and fail again to find an uplifting tune.
There is no sadder music anywhere.

*Inspirational Touchstone: Landscape by Mary Oliver    (I wasn’t very intent on using so much of Ms Oliver’s language, concentrating more on form; five tercets, the 1st two mostly questioning, a turn in the 3rd, etc.)
Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribbling #52
~ Something About Mary ~

8 thoughts on “Landscape, Silenced

  1. I love the way you broke off pieces of Mary Oliver’s ‘Landscape’ and wove them into your own poem, Ron. I often sing out loud indoors, where I hope nobody can hear me, although I used to sing out loud anywhere once up on a time! The final two stanzas made the hairs on my arms stand up.

  2. These last few days certainly deserve something other than a sugary pop soundtrack. I’m leaning towards the heavier stuff across several genres.

  3. “Can’t I
    just close the drapes, proclaim my sovereignty,
    ignore the planet’s disintegration, and sing?”

    Yes you can and dance to the music as well.

    Ron your words are truly stirring. There is so much to absorb beyond the window view in our new normal


  4. Poor fellow, can’t sing in his own house. But then I get the same, hardest from an 11-year-old granddaughter. I find my songs on my smartphone, and sing along. Mostly I look for the oldies.
    We came down from Canada once into your beautiful area. The road was only two lane if I remember and the entry shack was “manned” by only one lady. That entryway is probably closed now with our ‘wonderful’ security. Ha!!

  5. Well, now that you’ve depressed me thoroughly…let me say that this is a stellar piece of writing. How did you know that I walk in this way also?

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