This is no mere stone.

A stone like this
is not to be moved.
One plows and harrows
around such entities.

If we could hear it speak
we would bow before it,
beseech enlightenment.

Lichened and emphatic,
it occupies us completely.

It will bear no displacement;
demands, instead, veneration.
Such a stone subjugates
by the irresistible force
of its undeniable

We are merely meadow.
This stone
is the meadow’s king.

dVerse Poets Pub
Poetics Tuesday
~ Object Poems ~

17 thoughts on “Ur-Stone

  1. I wonder how long that stone has been there, and what it has seen. I like the image of us as meadow – transient, short-lived. How many ploughs has the rock known? How many ploughmen?

  2. You so beautifully described the “king of the meadow”. It needs to be read alongside my “13 ways of looking at rock”! We have sure done stone credit!

  3. Stones are magical, Ron! If only they could talk, especially those big old ur-stones. I love that you describe that stone as ‘lichened and emphatic’, and having ‘the irresistible force of its undeniable presence’. That’s why Stonehenge is full of magic.

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