So He Says They Say

“They Say Only The South Wind Flattens The Grass”

I’ve been living here a while now, but
I’ve never heard anyone say it and

I have no idea whether it’s true or not
so I guess I shouldn’t say it, either.

Only my Uncle Whacky says they say it
(or people say that’s what he says)

but how the hell would he know?
And who the hell would listen to him?

He’s always lived right here
where there’s almost no grass

and never a southern breeze.
No wonder they call him “Whacky”.

For this week’s Poetics Challenge Sarah has given us some titles to choose from and set us free to play…
dVerse Poets Pub
Tuesday Poetics
~ Travels In The Wild ~


20 thoughts on “So He Says They Say

  1. What I remember of the wind in my childhood was that the west wind brought us storms, and the south wind usually brought warmth.

  2. I love the conversational tone in this. I got the picture of a freckle-nosed kid who just won’t accept what his elders tell him. Has to keep asking questions. Probably gets sent outside to keep him quiet. Lovely poem.

  3. You told them, the people who ‘say’ that what they ‘say’ has about as much truth in it as the people who talk about hen’s teeth, pigs flying and predicting the weather from chickens’ innards.

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