Grounds For Divorce

It’s Quadrille Monday again at the dVerse Poets Pub; time to create a 44-word poem using the word ‘Abide’.
Thanks to Lisa for hosting and getting us started.


Sevenling (he was not)*

He was not the perfect mate.
He belched. He snored. He farted.
But he loved her madly.

And she loved him madly, too.
They belched and farted in unison.
But she always denied that she snored.

He left behind what he could not abide.

dVerse Poets Pub
Quadrille Monday #117
~ The Dude Abides ~

* (Not familiar with the Sevenling form? Read all about it HERE. Fair Warning: Addictive.)


22 thoughts on “Grounds For Divorce

  1. A bit lof a scoundrel be you, sir, stringing us along with fun and levity, only to punch us in the throat by the end; smile.

  2. Your quadrille made me smile, Ron – I know a couple like that. The moved to France some years ago and are still belching, snoring, and farting happily together. Denial caused the rift.

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