Ron.’s Back

I Wish Someone Had My Back

(I don’t, really. I really don’t.
I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.)

I wish that I could walk to the kitchen
without stopping to lean and stretch
on the back of the sofa, on the
dining room’s breakfront, on the
nearest kitchen chair. I wish.

Instead I grunt and stumble.
Coffee gets brewed in a painful blur.
I wish that someone had my back.
I wish I had someone else’s.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #46


11 thoughts on “Ron.’s Back

  1. It’s mostly my shoulder that irritates me. I don’t get how the kids scroll on it for hours at a time, but it I stay on it for more than 15 minutes I get a nasty knot that takes ages to go away. LOL, I suppose that can be seen as something of a plus, since I can’t doom scroll on it too long.

  2. I want to wish that someone had my digestive system, my lymphatic system, and a few other bits that don’t quite work as they should. I really wish I could wish that. But I don’t know if could truly wish them on anyone. Still, I wish I could wish.

  3. Sadly, as quoted by the news journalist Robin Roberts, “everybody’s got something”! I share your back dilemma and identify absolutely by ambulating while leaning on anything nearby or using my cane. Enjoyed your humorous “take” on the very real pain.

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