Six Word Saturday

Thank You Very Much, Mr. Ferlinghetti


I started seriously writing poetry waaaaay back in the mid-1960s when Danny Riley, a student teacher, accidently dropped a couple of books on my desk. When I expressed a passing interest, Danny noticed and loaned me a couple slim volumes.

I wrote about the encounter in a poem entitled Grace, originally published in 2014 in the (now defunct) online journal Clapboard House. Grace gives thanks for many aspects of the ‘60s and concluded with Danny…

    …smiling and handing me books, saying
     Oh man, you should read some Ginsberg, or
     Brautigan, maybe. No; here, I got it.
     For you, Ferlinghetti.

(You can read Grace in its entirety HERE)

But Here’s The BIG News:
Lawrence Ferlinghetti will be celebrating his 102nd (!) birthday in March, and Jambu Press will soon release a tribute anthology including works that honor the “poet, publisher, artist, and insurgent extraordinaire” and my meager work, entitled Candy, will be included!

Candy makes reference to an untitled poem (#20) in Ferlinghetti’s iconic early work, A Coney Island Of The Mind, and it blows me away that Mr. Ferlinghetti might actually have access to something I wrote in his honor.

Read Ferlinghetti’s Poem #20

Obviously, I can’t say much more about my own poem before the anthology’s publication date, but you know I’ll be back later with further details and relevant links.

Meanwhile I’m over the moon about my inclusion. Stay tuned!

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