Survivor (senryu)

This morning, I’m trying to respond poetically to a (mindbogglingly good) haiku, one of four, originally published a while back by the Magical Mystery Teacher:

fingers framed by light
clutching an old rosary
carved of human bone

Clearly not the most light-hearted imagery, so I was initially uncertain of how to respond. I hope my Senryu measures up.  (Don’t know which title I like better:  ‘Survivor‘ or ‘Last Man Standing‘… )

Skeletal morning
— nothing left to burn but bones –
He prays for release

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #42
~ About Those Bones ~

11 thoughts on “Survivor (senryu)

  1. Very nice, and I enjoyed it, if I can be excused for using that word! Last Man Standing really says it all for me. I wonder in what form release came?

  2. Sounds like it was a rough night! Seriously, though, you definitely matched the mood of the original. Nicely penned.

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