Super Powers

It’s Quadrille Monday again at the dVerse Poets Pub; time to create a 44-word poem using the word (or encompassing the concept of) “Magnetism“.

(Not familiar with the Sevenling form? Read all about it HERE. Fair Warning: Addictive.)


Sevenling (one thing was)

One thing was obvious; she had it all:
eye magnets, smile magnet,
voice magnet, thighs.

She always did her best to convince him
that she could always walk away
but she knew he would always follow.

She didn’t know that he was Iron Man.

dVerse Poets Pub
Quadrille Monday #114


23 thoughts on “Super Powers

  1. Humor goes a long way in satisfying the reader; excellent sevenling, wonderful levity. Tony Stark never had a chance.

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