Go Ahead, Laugh. I Dare You

This much I know:
I don’t need all that makeup
or those giant red shoes;
don’t need a beanie or a
cone-hat or a minuscule
derby smaller than a coffeecup,
taped to my skinhead wig, or
lost in a frizzy orange sea.

I don’t need none of that crap.
I know what I am;

and I ain’t
no kind of Svengali, either;
can’t wave a hand, cast a spell;
can’t un-make what’s made. No.

I am what I am;
a clown’s a clown.

You think I’m kidding?

dVerse Poets Pub
Poetics Tuesday
~ Clowning Around ~


RDP Wednesday


12 thoughts on “Go Ahead, Laugh. I Dare You

  1. Your title hooked me, Ron, and I enjoyed the first-person denial that ended in a threatening direct address. Even scarier than the average clown!

  2. I like your description of a clown’s wig as ‘a frizzy orange sea’ – and the bold statement that you are a clown and do we dare laugh about it? I am not so sure!

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