It’s okay; I get it.

You’re not trying to be a martyr;
you’re just standing up, waving
your flag, claiming your freedom,
and marching into the tavern
for a few unmasked beers,
maybe a game of pool or darts
or a quick and very slobbery
make-out session with Janey.

You want to show them
it’s all just a lefty hoax;
you want to stand up for
the God-Blessed American Way;
you want to contribute
to the herd’s immunity,
enjoy the freedom
to breathe easy, to sleep
unencumbered by conscience.

Fine. Go for it. Good luck with that.

When you finally make it home
(apparently unscathed) be sure to
share your heroics with your wife,
boast openly to your kids, tell your
neighbors all about it. Be sure to
drop on by your ancient mother’s place
and offer up your healthy self
as living proof that it’s all a lie.

I admire martyrs; I really do;
but please, please, please …
ignore my dinner invitation.

I made it before I knew you.

RDP Friday ~ Martyr


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