I won’t be sharing the stream-of-consciousness journal entry that led to this poem, but I will send my thanks to Grace at the dVerse Poets Pub for asking us to sharpen and employ our S-O-C skills for today’s Meeting The Bar Challenge.



I tried that backward writing thing
the lady told me about; I started out
at the bottom of the page, tried
to write from right to left, tried
to spell the words backwards.
I tried and tried and failed.
The effort almost killed me.

I turned the page. I tried again.
I started at the bottom, wrote
the first line from left to right,
left to right half-way up the page,
all the way up the page, managing
to finish my diatribe with less than
one line left at the top of the page.

Perfection. A smooth first draft, an
unimpeded stream of consciousness

unencumbered by mechanics
even if it’s upside-down, even if

dVerse Poets Pub
Meeting The Bar
~ Stream Of Consciousness ~


13 thoughts on “Downstream

  1. Whatever it takes; nice job. I love S-O-C. My pen twitches with anticipation, then like a dog let off the leash it tears across the page, taking longer and longer strides, until it stops exhausted on the third page of longhand.

  2. I enjoyed the walk through your process. No way would I be able to write backwards: I can’t do anything in reverse beginning with reversing a car! The end result was great, thanks for sharing.

  3. I might like to try writing right to left and bottom to top, but spelling the words backward I don’t think I’d want to try, even if

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