“G’ded wat! Howmi spusta wuya?” she says
but I don’t speak that language
and it’s hard to read her expression
so I haven’t got a clue about how to answer.

I smile. I always feel like I should smile;
not because I’m happy but because, well,
no matter what it is she says, she always
sounds so happy when she speaks.

I suppose she could be saying anything,
like, “How’d you like a knife in the throat?”
or “I’m sorry I’ve infected you.” I don’t care.
I can only smile and nod. She’s a babe.

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribbling #31
What Makes You smile?


7 thoughts on “Shufui’tutti

  1. I don’t know the language either, nor even what language it is – yet I think I can work out that she’s simply saying, ‘Good day. How are you?’ And always with a smile … so how appropriate that you smile right back. I think a smiling greeting always evokes a similar response. (And beauty is a bonus.)

  2. A smile is almost always an appropriate answer, even if the question is “How’d you like a knife in the throat?” because you might as well bleed out with a smile on your lips. 😉

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