Plein Air Poetry

Look out the window. Write what you see/feel/think. Include a photo. Should be easy-peasy, right? Hmmm… That’s this week’s Poetics challenge at the dVerse Poets Pub.

We finally sent David Handyman home; now it’s time for the notebook and deck chair…



Ready To Write

Front porch, extended
—weeks of construction finished—
Summer’s studio

dVerse Poets Pub
Poetics Challenge
~ Looking Out The Window ~

11 thoughts on “Plein Air Poetry

    • Let me be clear: Project completed? Yes. Project completed by ME? Ummm, no. All I did was check in occasionally, compliment the craftsman, and hand over the check when HE completed the project. I can’t tell a hammer from a wrench, though I’m pretty good with a tape measure.

  1. Here in Australia we’d call that a deck – as in ‘that’s a beaut deck you’ve got there mate,’ and yours is a mighty fine example – should give you years of writing pleasure. Thanks for sharing your wonderful summer view.

    • Right you are, Sir. We’ve got a back deck and now our front porch, having more than doubled in size and sprouted flower boxes & solar accent lighting, is technically a deck as well.

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