See What I Mean?

From Poets and Storytellers United:
“Today is the first of the month. According to an old wives’ tale, now is the perfect time to improve your luck for the next thirty days. Just be sure that “rabbit, rabbit” is the first thing you say when waking up on the first of the month.”

So, for Writer’s Pantry #9 I humbly offer the following:

Yeah, Right

Gesundheit, she said
but he knew she didn’t mean it.
He knew she couldn’t care less
if he sneezed himself to death.

Mmmm…delicious he told her
knowing he’d have to clean his plate
while figuring out how to
politely refuse a second helping.

So many things we say
are only things we say
because our mothers said to say them
and not because we care.

Go ahead; read the paper.
Try to find some happy news.
No luck? Sorry to hear that.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.

13 thoughts on “See What I Mean?

  1. Your poem is priceless!! So much truth there. Seems there used to be little white lies, and now there are just plain lies!!

  2. Ve-r-r-r-y thought provoking. It makes me wonder about much of what I say … which is rather off-putting to contemplate, since I disagreed with a lot of things Mom said.

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