Mentioned, Honorably


Was Separate Ways, my ghazal celebrating my bond with My Beloved Sandra, entered in the North Carolina Poetry Society’s Pinesong Awards competition? Yes, it was. Was it the big winner? No, it was not. Did it take Second Place? Sadly, it did not.

It did, however, garner an Honorable Mention, selected by Judge Pamela Johnson Parker, and will be included for publication in the forthcoming Pinesong Anthology (publication date pending).

The poem, a ghazal (pronounced ‘guzzle’) was entered in competition for the Joanna Catherine Scott Award (for sonnets or other traditional forms). Ghazal is an ancient Persian form, originating in the 11th or 12th century, but gaining its lasting popularity among medieval Arabic poets.  It’s a cool but kinda tricky form, but perfect for smitten lovers such as myself.  You can read about it Here.

Apparently, the form still has some degree of popularity today because, at least in the case of Separate Ways, it manages to earn an Honorable Mention.

I was honored by an invitation from Contest Director Craig Kittner to travel to Southern Pines, NC to read my poem at the awards ceremony on May 9th at the Weymouth Center for Art and Humanities, and dismayed that I would likely be unable to do so. I’m grateful for Craig’s offer to present my work for me at the reading. I understand that he’s a very talented presenter.

I’m going to delay posting Separate Ways at Eggs Over Tokyo until after the winning anthology is published, so you’ll just have to hold your breath and lick you lips a little longer. Trust me, though: I WILL be bragging, “bigly”, when that occurs.

There were numerous other categories among the Pinesong Awards. You can read all about them – and the winners in each – at the NCPS Blog.


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