Thursday Thirteen

13 Beatles-esque Song Titles

(Apologies to those too young to recognize the original titles)

1. Why Don’t We Duet In The Road
2. A Hard-Daze Night
3. I Arm The Walrus
4. Pay Her Back Writer
5. I Saw Her Stand-in There
6. With A Little Hell From My Feds
7. Strawberries Feel Forever
8. You’re Gonna Lose That Curl
9. Know Where, Man
10. No-Wear Man
11. I Wanna Holier Hand
12. Don’t Let Me Drown
13. Weekend Work It Out


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10 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. Loved these. #4 was my favorite. I have seen T-shirts with things like this on them. Maybe you could start a business . . .

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