Six Word (x3) Saturday

road to maine

–Maine Is More Beautiful This Weekend–
–Vermont’s Got The Empty Bed Blues–
–Eagerly Awaiting Your Return, Dr. Stanley–


Truck on over to visit Call Me Cate at SHOW MY FACE



9 thoughts on “Six Word (x3) Saturday

    • Ooops! Noooooo. I chose the picture for its content (road/travel), not to show the season, which is, at present, still quite arctic. Sorry to have misled.

  1. lol, Jo, I love the image…

    I noticed the rainbow, which I took as an augury of hope but also noticed the litter all over the highway. that must have been some storm…

    and the green was nice to see, most especially right now when our own green (and yours) is still a long time coming.

    she’ll be back, you know that.

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