Hook-Up Masters Share A Secret

Hook-Up Masters Share A Secret

she didn’t really he said
but I swear to god
no one would know it
just by looking at her amen
to that brother he replied
and added but of course
who’d want to just look
I mean you must have, you
know, just once anyway; she
must have but he interrupted
no really man she didn’t
she wasn’t like that I
know it’s hard to believe but
hard to believe he sneered
I know you dog and I just
can’t believe you never
but he cut him short
believe it he said really
she didn’t we didn’t

Poets and Storytellers United
Friday #9


13 thoughts on “Hook-Up Masters Share A Secret

  1. People tend to believe what they want to believe, no matter what we say. Love this little dialogue that leaves so much to the reader’s imagination. Innuendo, go!

  2. This is like eavesdropping in a locker room. It’s interesting here that instead of the usual, “yeah, we sure did” it’s a “never happened”.

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