Pizza Shop Time Machine

(Originally a prose CNF, freshly versified in response to The Bunny’s request to “Turn And Face The Strange…”)


Pizza Shop Time Machine

He orders up a couple of slices from
under the heat lamps, tells the guy
not to bother with the oven, says
he often feasts on room-temp pizza,
prefers it that way anyway.

He grabs a sunlit window seat 
under the hypnotic overhead fan.

There’s an oversized photo poster
of a 1950s beachfront pizza joint 
and he wills himself into the picture,
imagines walking down the boardwalk,
munching a fifteen-cent pepperoni special,
maybe a nickel for some extra cheese,
all the bathing beauties catching his eye,
and the smell of Coppertone everywhere.

It’s hard for him to fully let go, though;
hard to adjust to everything around him
not being black and white like the poster.


Two women, long-legged and sandaled
—a redhead and a blonde-streaked brunette—
wander in, order up some fries and Cokes,
park themselves in a booth under the poster
and give him a side-eye every few seconds,
hoping that they’ve captured his attention.

In mere seconds, their booth has transformed,
almost fully vanished, floated up into the poster,
melted into the black and white beachlight,
their Cokes and fries suddenly timeless,
their furtive glances flashing out at him,
still perfect, now frozen.
                                          Catching sight of
his reflection in the chrome napkin dispenser,
he smiles, noting that it, too, is two-toned only,
all last hints of color fading.

Miz Quickly’s 1/10 Monday
~ ch-ch-ch-changes ~


7 thoughts on “Pizza Shop Time Machine

  1. Cool imagining! Gotta look twice now when my husband comes back through the door – grey where once reddish brown – he still has brown eyes (I’ll double check that!) but yeah, the hues of skin (what’s visible beyond the Santa beard) are paling … aging … soothing … (I kinda like it this way!)

  2. I also thought of ‘Plesantville’ but also of ‘The Twilight Zone’,
    and a few other movies where folks wished themselves in the past. One stayed in the past; Lindsey Wangner in (possibly) “The Two Worlds of Jennie Logan and one where a guy ended up returning to the future because of some dated coins in his pocket… I can’t figure out who starred in that. Could have been just a TV special.

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