I have to thank Stephen W. Buchanan for introducing me to the Ha’sonnet Form. He says: “Ha’sonnets are roughly half of an Elizabethan style sonnet, and follow some of those sonnet rules in how they are created. They consist of seven lines of four syllables each. The first four lines set up the poem like the first two stanzas of a sonnet. The fifth and sixth line contain a little turn, or volta, preferably unexpected, like the third stanza of a sonnet. And the seventh line a resolution, like the final couplet of a sonnet…Rhyme are optional, but if used the suggested end-rhyme scheme is: a b a b c c dd with the seventh line (dd) rhyming on the second and fourth syllable”

Mr. B’s blog is loaded with some really cool samples for inspiration, You should check it out.

So… I thought I might give it a go.



We close our eyes
Sunday at dawn;
the sun might rise
but drapes stay drawn.
We’ve had our fun;
the party’s done.
We mourn the morn.

13 thoughts on “Afterparty

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  2. The poem gets to the heart of Sunday, which is the lazy day of the week now that Christianity has been displaced from the lives of so many. Sunday becomes the rejuvenative day, a day to recover from the stresses and imbalances of the week-long grind, neh?

    — Catxman

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