I haven’t been submitting much lately (nothing in April!), so I haven’t been getting much published except here on the blog…..

So I’m overjoyed that Tim  Sevenhuysen, Editor/ Site Master over at 50-Word Stories, has selected my piece (Double Yolk – Over Easy) for publication.  It’s up today, awaiting your perusal!

Aaahhhh… You can read it here:
Double Yolk – Over Easy

I’ve been pretty lucky with 50-Word Stories over the years. This is my 11th (!) appearance since November of 2018. I’ve gathered them all here if you’re into retrospection:

Ron.’s Previous 50-Word Stories

Tim publishes 2 great pieces every weekday. Definitely worth Bookmarking.
Thanks again, Tim, & please keep the good stuff coming our way!

5 thoughts on “Mythbusted

  1. Netting a story down to 50 words is a true talent! (I’m making mental notes – practice this and see if it improves conversational exchanges with short-attention-span friends!)

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