Wait; You’ll See

Wait; You’ll See

Nothing ever happens
only here and only now;
waiting is inevitable.

Waiting’s measurements vary:
“An historic moment” might be
a decades-long death fest
or maybe it’s just the nanosecond
it takes for a misfired bullet
to explode in innocent flesh.

But minutes spent in waiting rooms
are all the same duration:

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #71
~ Waiting ~

poets and storytell

12 thoughts on “Wait; You’ll See

  1. Even if it’s only time spent there for a routine check up, the time seems to crawl unless you’ve got a good book in hand. And if its for anything more serious, books sometimes aren’t much help.

  2. too many damnable waiting rooms for me in 19 and 20. fewer this year so far. but yah. all were the same duration: forever.

  3. As a child the wait for Christmas or summer vacation was endless, now time speeds by and we have no time to prepare.

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