Even Here, Still There

It’s Quadrille Monday again at the dVerse Poets Pub; time to create a 44-word poem. This week, we’re asked to create a poem using the homograph “Wound”. (In case you forgot, homographs are words that are spelled the same, but have different sounds and meanings.)
Thanks to Lillian for hosting and getting us started.


Even Here, Still There

He spends every day, all day long
on the streetcorner’s bench;
and every night, all he does is
long for a good night’s sleep.

Every former soldier knows:
time and alcohol can be bandages
but no matter how tightly wound,
some wounds never heal.

dVerse Poets Pub
Quadrille Monday
~ What’s In A Word? ~


19 thoughts on “Even Here, Still There

  1. Well…..if you were sitting here in my living room near me, you would have heard an audible sigh from me after reading this. The image….the idea….the use of the word. Strikes my emotions for sure. So very well done.

  2. Sadly, I wish this wasn’t true. Your poem speaks of the pain that many go through. I wish we had better ways to heal those wounds.
    I especially like your title.

  3. His mind wound up as much as his body. Have to hope that even if full healing is impossible that the wound can diminish with the right salve, patience, and time. Excellent, Ron.

  4. The title of your poem calls it out and then reinforces it with your last line. How sad that life can be this bleak. Your quadrille conveys it so well.

  5. Highly evocative. It’s remarkably straight-forward, but in that clean writing is a painful truth that lies here naked before us. Well done.

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