Been There, Done That

Our friend Kim’s hosting this week’s Poetics Challenge over at dVerse Poets, and she presents us with a metaphorical Rumi poem, The Guest House,  about being human, and asks us to write one of our own, beginning (as does Rumi’s) with the words, “This being human is…”


Been There, Done That

This being human thing is the
longest, steepest uphill hike
you’ll ever have to make,
only to arrive exhausted
but denied the chance
to stand there, silent,
even for only a moment
gratefully taking in the view
before you’re forced to
cut your own brake lines
and careen back down
totally out of control
sliding off the path
time and time again
but never really crashing
until you end up
back where you started,
forced to start again.

dVerse Poets
Tuesday Poetics
~ The Art of Being Human ~


24 thoughts on “Been There, Done That

  1. You’re a clever one! The shape and layout of your poem forced me to read it as if I was on the ‘longest, steepest uphill hike’, Ron, and I felt exhausted when I reached the end. Next time, may I have a view, please? 😊

  2. This is absolutely BRILLIANT, Ron! Like Kim, I too read this poem twice. It does feel like an uphill hike 🙂

  3. Well, Sisyphus, a beautiful write. Long ago I wrote a poem that began “Once I stood atop the mountain, the mistress of all I surveyed. How sweet to survey my kingdom for which I’d so dearly paid. Then I slipped from the promontory, which it seemed I had only just gained, and I found that I stood in the valley with the mountain before me again”.

  4. And every time we get back to the peak, we try for that deep calming breath before we crash back to ground level. Excellent evocation of this being human.

  5. Reading this, found myself asking “Who/what controls the going up and coming down?” And again the answer just pops out of nowhere “It’s being human.” I would agree.

    Being human is being a puppet out of control – you get tamed with invisible hands, and circumstances, needs…

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