Back To Nature

It’s Haibun Monday again, and American Haikai Master Frank J Tassone asks us to join him at the dVerse Poets Pub and create/share a Haibun (prose/haiku combo) incorporating some reference to and/or reflection upon “Eagle”


Back To Nature

He’s not sure if he’s John Muir, Andrew Wyeth, or Grizzly Adams, but he’s glad to be released from his florescent office’s cubicle even if it’s only for a fast-food lunch break.

He dresses the pathetic, scrawny pigeon in imaginary eagle feathers, entices it to swoop down onto the parking lot’s placid asphalt lake to pluck out a french fried salmon before catching an upward thermal and gliding back to its perch at the apex of the mountain’s golden arches.

birds of a feather
all beings know how to fly
—even without wings—

dVerse Poets Pub
Haibun Monday


17 thoughts on “Back To Nature

  1. That was different, Ron! A pigeon in eagle feathers – is that similar to a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Our local ‘golden arches’ was plagued by seagulls, as was the school playing field, until Covid came. I wonder where they’re finding their snacks now.

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