< KFL 2/14/27 – 1/24/01 >

Still, tonight, two decades later,
three days and only three hours
into our shared Aquarian silence 
it seems like no sun will ever rise again.

Tonight’s winter stillness recalls
the cold that fell on you that night;
foreshadows the inescapable cold
that will fall on us all soon enough.

I’m remembering you tonight, Mother;
I’m almost below zero, remembering.

Poets And Storytellers uniter
Writers’ Pantry #54

18 thoughts on “Memorial

  1. I know this, can still picture my mum in her hospital bed, still miss her.
    A very moving write Ron.
    Sending hugs.

  2. Thoughts like this call to me
    Now and then
    And then
    I realize they’re always there

    My lips may not move
    Yet I wonder
    Do you hear me
    And miss me in the same way?

    The time since may grow longer
    But the time to come
    When I may once more
    Hold your hand is far shorter

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  4. When your mother dies, you never forget. (Mine died 18 years ago.) I love the chill with which your poem ends. Somehow it speaks mysteriously of a thaw to come.

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  6. Who knows why we have these reminiscences like this? Sometimes they are comforting, other times less so. No doubt she is wondering where you are. Yes, this is a great poem.

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