Today’s Poets/Storytellers United task is to riff on a tune from a playlist.  Summer Breeze by Seals & Crofts isn’t on the list, but I’m including here for your listening pleasure.  Hope you dig the poetry, too!



“Summer breeze, makes me feel fine,”
he sang, staggering home after Last Call,
“Blowing through the Jasmine in my mind.”

He’d been singing it all night long at the bar,
singing it all night long at the bar for a week,
and was still singing it here in the unlit alley.

But she was not at the bar, not in the alley.
If she’d been there to hear it she would have
rolled her eyes and shouted “Shut the hell up!”

Jasmine was like that. She hated all her Ex-es.

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #23
By Means Of Music

10 thoughts on “Unforgettable

  1. I confess I didn’t know all the numbers in Sanaa’s playlist and didn’t listen to every one of those I didn’t know, so I can’t tell which one this refers to. Enjoyed the poem, though.

  2. This is absolutely lovely 🙂 the entire poem lyrical in its use of language could/should be set to music.

  3. For my listening pleasure ~ yes. Reading pleasure as well. My rambling song for those tipsy occasions ~ ‘Make the World Go Away.’

  4. I LOVE Seals & Crofts. Thanks for revisiting them. It brought back memories (more pleasant than in your poem, by the way!)

  5. Jasmine ans others girls tend to hate their exes because they made the mistake of picking a wrong one and don’t want to take the blame themselves! Lucky is the man who was never ditched!

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