An Elevensie at 3AM

HUGE thanks to Rosemary Nissen-Wade at Poets And Storytellers United for producing this week’s  Wild Friday Thought Provoker (#21), introducing me to this THIS FORM – THE ELEVENSIE, invented and promoted by Kerri Shying, a poet of Chinese, Australian and Wiradjuri heritage.

You can READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE, but be advised: you will want to try your hand.

I hope I’ve done it justice…


it’s a small enough planet
spinning too quickly every day
on its     tilted axis     letting us
sleep     but always making us
get up and go    hopeful

round and round around the sun

year after year      blue skies
follow black skies     starlit too long
making us think the morning
will never come again     but it does
and we rise    blow out the candles



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