Hard Lesson

What they thought they sought
was glory; what they wanted was
to come home to proud parades,
to hold again old girlfriends,
rekindle the romance they’d left.

What they found was only gore
and mud in screaming trenches,
fires they truly hated setting, and
children like themselves, armed,
aiming at them across no-man’s-land.

It didn’t take them very long. Before
one flag came down and another rose,
and long before the guns ceased fire,
everyone knew the inevitable truth:
only peace is glorious.

Poets United


11 thoughts on “Hard Lesson

  1. You expressed this so well. I often think of how shocked young men must be to find themselves in the madness of war. As a species, we should be more evolved than we are.

  2. Yes, the emotions and psychology of glory guide us down one path, and politics and history show us another. The truth is often smothered in PR spin even before it was called PR or spin.

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