The Aging Agitator

protest II

Someone else will have to
carry that sign, scream that epithet.

I’m all for kicking the bastard out,
kicking all the bastards out, but

some guy less than half my age 
will have to do the screaming,

have to breathe the tear gas,
face the bullets and batons.

But I want that guy to know:
I’ve been there; I’ve got his back.

Real Toads Tuesday Platform

9 thoughts on “The Aging Agitator

  1. Protesting is a gift for us Americans – many countries one would be jailed. I’m all for it as long as it doesn’t get violent.

  2. For those of us not quite too old/sick to picket, but too busy with other things, this poem speaks almost as well…I’ve stayed away from other Green protests because one at a time please, and this poem speaks for me.

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