Thursday Thirteen

13 Near-Miss Desserts

1. Blubbery Flan
2. Banana Spit
3. Strawberry Cheapskate
4. Choke-A-Lot Eye Scream
5. Punk In Pie
6. (a la mold)
7. Hot Sludge Sundae
8. Butt or Scotch Pudding
9. Pee Can Pie
10. Glazed Dognuts
11. Garrote Cake
12. Peach Clobber
13. Razzberry Moose


More delectable lists at: The New Thursday 13


12 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen

  1. this is hysterical. thank you. The images, well…blubbery flan is probably my favorite next to the other 12 in no particular order

    “whip cream” was always a big hit at our house, too

  2. I literally LOLed! I’m going to have to quote you. Also, you turned up in a poem I wrote this week, posted at Looseleafnotes.

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