Six Word Saturday

Tonight Kennebunk Is The Stanleyest Town


My Beloved Sandra and her many siblings have gathered in Maine to be close to their mother this weekend. They’ve rented a sufficiently large hive, um, I mean house so they can really enjoy their togetherness.  I hope they’re having a blast.

Of course, this means I’m left to my own devices here in Vermont… heh heh heh heh heh.


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9 thoughts on “Six Word Saturday

  1. Well, look at that! They’re in “my neck of the woods”. Hmm…not really. LOL Kennebunk is still over an hour’s drive away. And I don’t think I’ve done more than just drive though…But! enjoy your weekend!

  2. Does this mean their mum’s not well, or just a happy get together? Nice to have the occasional few days apart. I assured Mick he’d missed me when I got back 🙂

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