Thirteen New Greens

(Yes, that’s right.  It’s Thursday again, so I humbly offer the following list)**

**Reposted, all these (almost exactly 9!) years later, because it’s Thursday (again!) and today’s prompt at Ragtag Daily is “Green”.  More RDP Thursday ~ GREEN Here.


1. Puked-up-broccoli-or-split-pea-soup green

2. First-shoots-of-early-tomato-plant green.

3. Last-gasp-of-the-tamarack-in-autumn green,

4. Green-only-a-dying-parrot-can-see green.

5. black-rock-that-only-turns-green-in-the-early-April-rain green

6. I-care-more-about-the-planet-than-you-do green

7. Green-eyed-monster-green-eyeshade green

8. Long-Grass-over-the-septic-tank green

9. Pistachio-garter-snake green

10. Butt-ugly-bridesmaid’s-gown green

11. Watermelon-rind-gone-bad green

12. Avocado-and-iguana-stew green

13. Putting-green-in-Greenland green


(I’m certain you’ll find at least thirteen more scintillating lists at Thursday Thirteen.  Just clickety-click HERE.)

14 thoughts on “Thirteen New Greens

  1. haha! when I lived in Ireland, everyone used to go on about the 40 shades of green to be found there .. and I always piped in with “there’s 41. you forgot about the mildew.”

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