Single Sentence Success

My poem, Truth Be Told, is up today at One Sentence Poems

I hadn’t submitted there in a while (no excuses) and I am very happy and honored that editors Dale Wisely, Elizabeth McMunn-Telangco, & Tony Press  have found my work to be worthy.

Read Truth Be Told Here

OSP typically publishes a single poem 5 days a week. Remarkably Bookmarkable:
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Preview Review


I got word a few days ago that Truth Be Told, my one-sentence masterpiece about disarming the planet, will be published on Thanksgiving Eve Eve  (ie 11/26) at One Sentence Poems.

OSP has published me half a dozen time in the past. I’ll remind you when Truth Be Told is up but, meanwhile, here’s a preview review:

Lavalette at One Sentence Poems

Not Quite There Yet

Maybe I’m a little too controlled. Maybe
I need a little wake-up call; need a little rant
every now & then, just to keep me going.

A little spew of spleen here and there
wouldn’t hurt; or a cure-all modicum
of mania. Maybe. I don’t really know.

I know I’m older now, and the older
I become, the less I know I know
for sure. Check back with me later.

I’ll have to think things over. I’ll
get back to you. Later. Maybe.

Poets United / Midweek Motif




“G’ded wat! Howmi spusta wuya?” she says
but I don’t speak that language
and it’s hard to read her expression
so I haven’t got a clue about how to answer.

I smile. I always feel like I should smile;
not because I’m happy but because, well,
no matter what it is she says, she always
sounds so happy when she speaks.

I suppose she could be saying anything,
like, “How’d you like a knife in the throat?”
or “I’m sorry I’ve infected you.” I don’t care.
I can only smile and nod. She’s a babe.

RDP Tuesday ~ SOUND


I’m sharing this oldie to the Poets United Pantry #4 this morning, despite my strong aversion to telling other people how to write or what to write about, or what not to write or how to avoid writing.

Originally published as follows:
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (Online) October 2012
A Clean, Well-Lighted Place (Print) March 2013
Sadly, this fine publication is now defunct and unavailable online.

You can, however, –if you dare– hear me read it here:
Tutor (Audio) May 2013


The trick, he said, is to
sit by the lake, write
about water and sky
without using words like
expanse or dome; without
comparing one to the other;
without mentioning robin’s eggs
or azure; without resorting to
a recollection of other summers
spent by some other expanse
of azure, under some other
dome of robin’s egg blue.
The trick, he said, is to see
across the lake to the other
shore; to make the other shore
anything at all but distant; keep
the clouds from becoming cotton.