These Alleged Days

These Alleged Days

We all know what’s around the corner
—eight days until the Equinox—
Soon no leaves will dapple the sunlight.

None of that matters anymore anyway.
There’s nothing outside the window.
I only get out of bed to close the blinds.

Tuesday Twiglet #244
~ breaks light ~



’So if all do their duty, they need not fear harm,’ you say? Does that include exemption from the possibility of a Court Martial? Imprisonment? Firing squad? I mean, the Captain didn’t actually order us to take out that village, but we all know what it’s filled with –every last one of them, even the kids. You’ve seen it yourself. They all know how to toss a grenade and run, right? And that’s what we’re here to wipe out, right? So, uh, even if it’s not spelled out in the plan and even if the Captain hasn’t technically ordered it, that’s what we’re here for, right? I mean, it’s my duty, right? Well, thanks for hearing me out. I gotta get back to the squad now.”

After the Lieutenant left, the Chaplain returned to reconsidering his re-enlistment.

dVerse Poets
Prosery Monday
~ Doing Our Duty ~


Hither And Yon (SOCS)

Hither And Yon

Even though I know
where you are; where you have gone
I only know this:
when you’re nowhere to be seen,
I’m here, nowhere, without you.

Stream Of Consciousness Saturday
~ Where ~

The Futurist

Ninth day of the 9th month and Laura B over at dVerse Poets challenges us to write a nine-liner called a Novelinee. Rhyme scheme is obvious, must be iambic pent. Not my fave way to go, but…


The Futurist

The formal things he writes don’t matter much
but still he sits and writes them anyway;
the keyboard’s keys are longing for his touch,
(they know full well he’ll never turn away).
Surrender looms; he knows he can’t resist:
He counts the beats and lets iambics rule.
The free verse lovers won’t know what they’ve missed,
and all the formal freaks will sit and drool
when, years from now, they teach his stuff at school.

dVerse Poets
Meeting The Bar – Formal Verse
~ The Novelinee ~


Thirteen Weird But True

1. He used to shave in the dark, but he’s got a beard now.

2. The traffic island on the corner of his street keeps changing size, expanding until he finally hits it.

3. Every cloud looks exactly like every other cloud to him, and they all look like big fluffy bunnies.

4. Regardless of what he’s reading, page 34 always demands to be read three times.

5. Even though everyone tells him Panthera leo is king, he secretly worships at the altar of Alces alces.

6. When he cracks eggs in the morning, he can hear starving children screaming in Somalia.

7. His car radio controls the universe.

8. He’s afraid to go to sleep at night because he thinks the day will end and he’ll have to start all over again on a new one.

9. When he has nightmares, he knows he’s having them but he’s afraid to wake up anyway.

10. He blows and blows, but it never goes away.

11. He believes that all the crows he’s ever seen belong to the same band of fifty or sixty crows that have followed him around his whole life.

12. All of his mail consists of self-addressed envelopes, mailed to him by his alternate personalities, most of whom he has never met.

13. No matter how he translates it, it still makes perfect sense.

Poets and Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #86
~ Mining The Journals ~

poets and storytell


A Shadorma sequence for today’s Poetics Challenge at dVerse Poets



Not all cells
–even the darkest—
are dungeons.
Not all cells
inflict an isolation.
Some cells liberate.

Silent cells
spark meditation
allow dreams
unlock peace.
Prisons rely on locks but
freedom thrives within.

Close your eyes,
see your inner cell.
Paint the walls
as you wish.
Liberation is at hand.
Close your eyes and breathe.

dVerse Poets
Tuesday Poetics
~ Dungeons and Derivatives ~



He steps on everything he can,
steps on whatever he finds
for as long as he can until
the path vanishes; then
he crosses his fingers
steps off into space,
into nothing, into

Tuesday Twiglet #243
~ steps on everything ~


Again & Again, Still

It’s Quadrille Monday again at the dVerse Poets Pub; time to create a 44-word poem. This week, we’re asked to create a poem using the word “Groove ” or some word that incorporates it.

Thanks to De Jackson (aka WhimsyGizmo) for hosting and getting us started.


Play It Again, John

It’s my all-time favorite song,
so I don’t mind that the vinyl’s scarred
and the needle just keeps right on
hopping back into that same groovy groove
asking us to Imagine all the people
living life in peace /  imagine all the people…

dVerse Poets Pub
Quadrille Monday #135
~ Groove Thang ~


Wait. . . One What?


I just crossed my fingers and sent out a piece to One Sentence Poems, one of several fine affiliated journals (ie OSP / Right Hand Pointing / Unbroken / Unlost) publishing under the banner of Ambidextrous Bloodhound Press.

OSP publishes outstanding works several times every week.  You can check them out here.

I’m not going to say anything about the poem I sent them because I don’t want to jinx my chances, but I’m hopeful that the editors find it worthy. Writing a single-sentence poem can either be a total breeze or a major undertaking. The 1st draft of this piece was a breeze but pounding it into readable shape took considerable time & effort.

I’ll only say this much about it: there’s nudity involved.
Drooling  yet?

One Sentence Poems has published seven (7!) of my previous contributions.
While we wait to hear about this one, you can READ THEM HERE.

This Just In (YAY!)

WIN_20210903_14_13_00_Pro (2)

I just received my copy of 25 Miles From Here, a newly-released anthology from Pure Slush Books (Vol 21), which contains my CNF/poem, entitled Secured Transport.

I’m grateful to Editor Matt Potter for including my work in this fine volume, which contains around 100 pieces (appx 50 poems/50 prose) of outstanding writing.

I’ve taken the liberty of re-publishing my piece HERE:
Secured Transport
but I can certainly recommend the entire volume, currently available only in print but forthcoming (soon!) In PDF:
Pure Slush Vol. 21