Six Word Saturday

I Got Blisters On My Fingers!

(Thank God April Is Almost Over) 

I’m pretty worn out. In addition to undertaking the task of writing a daily poem to meet the NaPoWriMo Challenge, I also decided to write some something each day in response to the one-word prompts provided by The Daily Post.

Although I almost never write to prompts, I stuck to the TDP prompts pretty faithfully, but ignored them at the NaPoWriMo site, just so that I could have some breathing room. I both cases, I decided on short, more formally structured pieces just to keep myself from frying out completely.

Along the way, I put up an additional 10 posts, just because, um, well…just because.

Here’s the breakdown:

For NaPoWriMo:
5 Sevenlings
4 Tanka
4 Senryu
2 Haiku
1 Cinquain
2 Shadorma
2 Hybrids
1 Free Verse

For The Daily Post:
17 Pieces, Various
(Prompts: Later, Pause, Cusp, Champion, Denial, Outlier, Heal, Blindly, Unravel, Pleased, Timely, Measure, Cranky, Climbing, Jolt, Chuckle, Fry)

4 Six Word Saturdays

1 Thursday 13

2 Easter-themed poems (not to any prompt)

10 Additional Posts

Only Eight More Days To Go…


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30 In 30 /#22/ Sevenling

SEVENLING (he wasn’t hard)

He wasn’t hard to read:
wheel and deal, buy and sell,
limit the give, maximize the take.

She knew what she wanted:
an unlocked door, an available
heart, an open book.

Neither one ever flipped a coin.

30 In 30 /#21/ Sevenling


Sevenling (I have worn)

I have worn three-piece suits,
worn-out jeans and
nothing at all.

Everywhere I look I see
myself, my old self, and
someone I never was.

It’s like a fun-house mirror.

Like Eggs Over Tokyo

Like Eggs Over Tokyo

(A Tanka)

Everyone looks up
but few can see them falling
—only the savants—
Savants are Scrambled, Not Fried
(their poetry keeps them sane)

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Thursday Thirteen

13 Keystrokes Worthy Of Deletion

(Don’t count the spaces) :

D O N A L D    J.   T R U M P


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