Pull the curtain wide
(all that Sturm und Drang ’s a joke)
Look: those feet are clay.
Some folks say he’s a wizard;
but no: a moron, bigly.


Thursday Thirteen

13 Real Live Poets

 (6 Pairs and a Solo)

I’m off to the Brattleboro Literary Festival this weekend, & I’m looking forward to hearing lots of fine poetry. Here’s a random sample I’m planning on, though there are lots of other options, so I’m trying to keep my schedule pretty loose, because there are only about a gazillion other presenters / panelists / workshops to be considered. Not to mention Saturday night’s Open Mic at the River Garden…

Here’s my plan at present:

Carolyn Forche and David Thomas Martinez
Steph Burt and Denise Duhamel
Major Jackson and Jill Bialosky
Andrea Cohen and Gail Mazur
David Rivard and Maggie Dietz
Open Mic (I might read…)

Dede Cummings and April Ossman
Charles Simic
(Panel: “Poetry of Witness”): Forche, Jackson, Simic, Sealey

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The Man says it’s better
to fix the hole in the screen
than to always be swatting
the fly.
…………I say it’s better to love
the fly, leave the hole alone.
How else would the poetry get in?



Oh, she dresses well
—her makeup’s always perfect—
but that’s all there is.
Later, alone in her room,
she doesn’t know she’s alone.


Six Word Saturday

Home Alone (Lonely). Ankle-Deep In Pizza.

Oh, sure; he enjoys his “alone time” at home amid the fading green hills while His Beloved is away, being all beachy and sisterly, watching the gulls instead of the crows, hearing the tides instead of the rustle of dead leaves.

But it doesn’t take him long to realize that, these days, he already spends too much time alone and only a total nidiot would pass up the chance to be with her every weekend, even if it’s at Sisterly Beach, listening to the surfy static and the screamy seagulls.

And, yes, it’s true that she went out of her way to make sure he had a fridgeful of healthy food before she left but, well, even a nidiot knows there’s no solo food like a large special Village Pizza pizza, and that a large special Village Pizza pizza will provide at least 3 to 5 solo meals with nothing more than 30 seconds of microwaving required.

Still, crows and silence, fading greens and leftover pizza’s just not doing it for him anymore. He figures he’s still in love.

Next time she goes away, he’s going with her.

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The Plebeian Complaint

The Plebeian Complaint
(After Reading Joyce)

What’s the point of genius, then,
if words obscure and plot disguise
an art we know is buried there
but cannot see through un-Enlightened eyes?