Thursday Thirteen

My favorite number this Thursday is 13.
Write it 13 times, add appropriate commas, et voila!


(i.e. thirteen septillion, one hundred thirty one sextillion, three hundred thirteen quintillion, one hundred thirty one quadrillion, three hundred thirteen trillion, one hundred thirty one billion, three hundred thirteen million, one hundred thirty one thousand, three hundred thirteen)

Mind you, I’m a poet, not a mathematician, so I might have gotten this wrong…  Still, it’s a pretty cool number anyway, eh?


Ron. Wears Short Shorts

50 word

I’m very happy that my (extremely) brief fiction —Revenge, Once Removed– is up today at 50-Word Stories.  This is my 4th appearance at this fine site. Big thanks to editor Tim Sevenhuysen for selecting my work and for all the other really fine pieces he publishes on a daily basis.

Read Revenge, Once Removed Here

My previous 50s include:
Honeymoon (January)
Incipient Pariah (December 2018)
14-Year-Old Pediatrician (November 2018)

Persistence Of Vision

Today’s Ragtag Daily Prompt is “FISH”. Pressed for time, I thought it would be OK to resurrect this oldie, originally published online only in The Rapid Eye (now defunct) in August of 2013:

Persistence Of Vision

She opens the fish,
finds her daughter’s fingers inside;
every fish the same explosion.

RDP Friday – FISH

Another Kinda Soup

What’s the flashiest flash fiction I can write? Don’t know yet.
But I just had a 10-word microflash accepted by Potato Soup Journal.

PSJ’s editor, Julie Howard, advised me that Blood Test is set for publication on March 5th. It’s always great to have something to look forward to eh?

So that makes two upcoming bowls of delicious soup: 1) my 147-word Dejaburger is set for Valentine’s Day and 2) the micro Blood Test on 3/5.

(You know I’ll post links)

Meanwhile there is (and there will be lots more) great reading to be found at: