Six Word Saturday

The Longest Wait In (My) History

Due out late May / early June: Coffee Poems Anthology from World Enough Writers:

coffee anthology

I submitted a poem (“The Wait”) on September 10, 2017; well in advance of their stated deadline (2/28/18).
A couple inquiries regarding publication date status received vague, at best, responses.

But (FINALLY!!) the editors contacted me this morning to confirm my mailing address for my Contributor’s Copy, which—if their assertion is correct—ought to arrive in my mailbox “within several weeks” of my return email.

If it arrives on, say, May 27th, the time from submission to book-in-hand will be: 624 days! (My Longest Wait So Far). While I’m usually happy about setting a new personal record, um….

We’ll see. I’ll keep you posted.

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The Calling

Blood-red hibiscus grew
further back from the riverbank
where I dared not often go;
soft green breezes
in a periwinkle sky
now shimmered tiny bloomlets
now held them an instant in balance

Foxglove and hyacinth mingled there
deeper in the forest, wild
heavy with scent and delicately swayed.
Songbirds by the waterfall
peering down at the pool
found its surface still:
unbroken but for two rootless blossoms
tossed gently to the current
from the hands of almost lovers below.

Imaginary Garden / RealToads — Blossom

real toads

Thursday Thirteen

(Two) Thirteen-Item Lists of Words Anagrammed From “THIRTEEN

1. Tenet                         1. Hire
2. Tithe                          2. Tire
3. Tin                              3. Retie
4. Tine                            4. Net
5. Neither                      5. Teeth
6. Thin                            6. Hint
7. Thine                          7. Tenth
8. Enter                          8. Either
9. Rent                            9. Teen
10. Entire                     10. Their
11. Hit                            11. Rite
12. Hitter                      12. There
13. Nether                    13. Tent

(I know there must be at least 13 more words–or maybe even 13 more lists–but it’s late & I’m tired.)

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Drought’s End Ends The Drought

Despite the fact that I was writing my ass off all month long, I had only one piece published in April.

But I have several acceptances in the pipeline that will be published soon.

First up is Drought’s End, which is up today at A Story In 100 Words, which presents “literature in tiny bursts” on an almost daily basis.

Read Drought’s End Here