Six Word Saturday

Top It Off With Blueberry Cheesecake

My Beloved Sandra got home a little early yesterday, let me accompany her to The East Side.

The Lobster Bisque, justly dubbed the best in the area, was more fully packed than usual (I mean if you still want some bisque with your lobster) and as dish-licking delicious as I’ve ever had, either at The East Side or anywhere.

I was smart enough to check the dessert menu before deciding on whether to go with dinner of just an appetizer. I decided on appetizer only: the drizzle of local maple syrup only served to boost a perfect 10 up to a 10+ for the Bacon-Wrapped Scallops which were clearly intended to be eight mouth-watering jewels, but which I felt the need to cut and eat in halves, extending the ecstasy.

Sandra (having likewise been enraptured by her Fish Tacos) decided to forgo a solid dessert, opting, instead, for a KGB Coffee, but I—who, technically, didn’t need dessert—ordered my coffee plain (deciding, at the last minute, against Sambuca on the side) and ordered up the Blueberry Cheesecake.

It’s Saturday morning. I’m still in heaven.

(PS: I don’t photograph my food.  You’ll just have to imagine….Sorry)

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Thursday Thirteen

13 Actual Invisibles

1) Tauders
2) Munjos
3) Quispies
4) Semi-noplicans
5) Wroks
6) Swiklings (oric)
7) Swiklings (monsul)
8) Dikkkkmos
9) Kidddsminellas
10) Bubiks
11) Stimchas
12) Swiklings (trefin)
13) Zupila Mignos

Heat wave?  What heat wave?

New Thursday 13

Sinner Man III

Pure Slush is working through a 7-volume series around the 7 Deadly Sins, to celebrate their 7 years of publishing.

I was lucky enough to have appeared in LUST (Vol. 1): “Do It Yourself
…and in GLUTTONY (Vol. 2) “Fat Ronald Cheats”.

And now…


Whoop-Whoop!! I just received acceptance for the upcoming GREED Issue (Vol. 3)!!
My poem “Not Too Much To Ask” will be included with what I am certain will be many other laudable works, if previous issues are any indication.

No definite publication date set yet, though. You know I’ll keep you posted.

The Secrets Is Out

Issue #2 of Montana Mouthful (the “Secrets” theme) is out today, and I’m very grateful to Jasmine Lamb and the entire Editorial Team for having chosen my work for inclusion.


I contributed two poems, entitled Turtleglass and Silent Night, and they’re in some really fine company, including prose, poetry, and all kinds of cool art and photography.

Do yourself a favor.
Check it out:

Read the issue for free at ISSUU (I’m on p28)

If you’d like to own a copy of issue 2, you can purchase digital and print copies on MagCloud.

Palm Reader’s Delight

Fallen Cover.jpg

Finally!! Cover art for my 1st chapbook, Fallen Away, has been approved! I’m hoping that the cover shows up on the Finishing Line Press Facebook page soon, as well. I’ll definitely share if/when that happens.

I also gave FLP my thumbs-up to proceed with sending promotional postcards.
You might be on the list!! (Sorry I couldn’t include everyone, but…)

At any rate, even though the release date is set for September 21st, early orders count the most, and I thank those of you who have already ordered. (FLP sends me a weekly-updated list of purchasers.) I’m very grateful for those who have already ordered, and hopeful that the intriguing cover art will induce a few more folks to order soon!


Six Word Saturday

One Ache Just Leads To Another

(Oy. Don’t ask. And don’t worry)
This, too–they say–shall pass.