An Oldie, dug up for Writers’ Pantry presentation at Poets And Storytellers United.  

Originally published in the inaugural issue of the now defunct (or at least on a multi-year hiatus) print and online journal entitled and/or. They published 3 of my pieces back in 2010, and “Egg Test” was one of them. You can read them all HERE.

(I was thinking about Donald’s “person-woman-man-camera-tv” test results when I posted this…)

FYI: This poem is intentionally nonsensical, but—hopefully—it makes at least some sense if you have ever administered (or been subjected to) the Woodcock-Johnson Psycho-Educational Battery of Tests. 



This is Nish. Point
to Nish. Good.

This is Hondar.
Point to Hondar. Now
point to Nish. Good.

This is Kiptron. Point
to Kiptron. Good.
Now point to Nish.
Point to Hondar. Good.

This is uh, Whatsisname.
Point to whatsisname.
Now point to Hondar.
Kiptron. Nish.

This is a tough one. Point.
Good. Now Hondar.
Whatsisname. Nish.
Kiptron. Good.

Point. Point. Kiptron.
Good. Whatsisname.
Uh, point. Now Hondar.
Nish. Good.

Good. Good. Point.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #30


nose theif

When I was just a little boy
my grandfather stole my nose
but he paid me for it
with a shiny quarter
he found behind my ear.

RDP Saturday ~ Magical

Six Word Saturday


Which Six Words Should I Use?

I never know which to select.
There’s so many to choose from.
And they’re all really cool words.
Some of them are my favorites.
I can’t make up my mind.
I’ll just go back to bed.

More Cool 6WS Here

Devoutly To Be Wished

(Not familiar with the Sevenling form? It’s one of my favorites. You can read all about it HERE. Fair warning: Addictive.)


Sevenling (I don’t want)

I don’t want to be an astronaut
floating in space, or an earthbound nomad
wandering the desert, surrounded by nothing.

I’d rather be lost in the woods, sheltered
by oak and elm and maple; growth so dense
it erases all horizons, stifles all evil echoes.

Put me back under my rock, please.

RDP Thursday ~ SPACE
dVerse Poets Pub
Open Link Night 270


Company For Dinner

~ Originally published in Bohemia (online & print) in October 2013 & revised/presented here for Poets and Storytellers United ~


Company For Dinner

Who could resist those gumdrop
eaves, those icing gutters, pink
wafer shutters and doors, shrubs
of spun sugar, those licorice windows
and that delicate black cracker chimney?

Who indeed. No one. Everyone
who stopped, even if only to visit,
however briefly, wished they could
call it home, wanted to possess
such a finely sprinkled chocolate lawn.

But sooner or later, sweetness fades:
inside, there’s only a blazing stove,
a blazing iron oven and a wicked and
starving witch, wishing she wasn’t
so always alone, wasn’t always so lost
in the deep and darkening woods,
far from her cat and her coven,
trying in vain to fill her emptiness
with a couple of wayward children
fattening in cages in the corner.

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #29
~ Writing About Food ~

No Escape

He’s terrified, again,
by his recurring nightmare;
wakes up sweating and disoriented.

He puts on the television.
There’s nothing but the morning news.

He opts for lesser demons;
goes back to bed.

RDP Tuesday ~ DREAMY

Salute To Sal Flasher

My flasher, Salute, is up today online at the wonderful FEWER THAN 500 website, an ongoing collection of stories told in short form, edited & published by Ritta Basu, who’s been pumping out fine shorties for a number of years now.

I’m honored to have been included, and grateful for the (minor) editorial changes suggested by Ritta, which improved my piece considerably.

Consider bookmarking and/or subscribing to FEWER THAN 500. Fine lit in the mailbox—especially these days—is a good thing.

Do check it out, starting here:


Ron.’s All Flocked Up


I just received my hard copy of Verdant, the latest print anthology from Truth Serum Press, referencing / honoring all things green. This particular anthology (Vol. 5), unlike previous multi-genre volumes, contains poetry only.

My contribution, “One Of The Flock”, originally composed on one of my final commutes to work shortly before my retirement, is included amid many other fine works from numerous (ie 88!) other very talented writers.

(Bonus Fact: My poem is on Page One!!)

You can get A TASTE OF VERDANT here.

(Paperback is available now and most other (eBook) versions will be available shortly.) 

I’m very grateful to everyone at Truth Serum Press for publishing my work.

Read One Of The Flock Here