Rejuvenation Maestro

He’d become accustomed to
his trifocals and his dentures;
took his dozen morning pills
religiously; prayed daily for
just another upright day,
another day to deal with
his rapidly advancing age.

Even though he still had his
youthful smile and ponytail,
most of his hair had gone
and what little he had left
had long since thinned and
and greyed, then whitened;
shunned the morning mirror.

His grandson’s daughter
(almost half-way through her
troubled, rebellious teens)
said, “Don’t worry, Pop-Pop;
I can fix you up real good,”
and before he knew it
they had matching blue hair.

RDP Thursday
~ From Grey To Blue ~


Thursday Thirteen

For this week’s T-13, I drafted a 13-word Shadorma
(Syllable count: 3-5-3-3-7-5).

Info Age Disclaimer

Don’t worry
You will never find
“Incontrovertible Truth”
…whatever that is


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Survivor (senryu)

This morning, I’m trying to respond poetically to a (mindbogglingly good) haiku, one of four, originally published a while back by the Magical Mystery Teacher:

fingers framed by light
clutching an old rosary
carved of human bone

Clearly not the most light-hearted imagery, so I was initially uncertain of how to respond. I hope my Senryu measures up.  (Don’t know which title I like better:  ‘Survivor‘ or ‘Last Man Standing‘… )

Skeletal morning
— nothing left to burn but bones –
He prays for release

Poets And Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #42
~ About Those Bones ~

Super Powers

It’s Quadrille Monday again at the dVerse Poets Pub; time to create a 44-word poem using the word (or encompassing the concept of) “Magnetism“.

(Not familiar with the Sevenling form? Read all about it HERE. Fair Warning: Addictive.)


Sevenling (one thing was)

One thing was obvious; she had it all:
eye magnets, smile magnet,
voice magnet, thighs.

She always did her best to convince him
that she could always walk away
but she knew he would always follow.

She didn’t know that he was Iron Man.

dVerse Poets Pub
Quadrille Monday #114


Cold Snap

An oldie, originally published (online) in February, 2006 in the now-defunct Crescent Moon Journal. It took 2nd place in their Winter Poems Contest.


Cold Snap

Outside for obligatory photographs:
ubiquitous head-shot, profile,
three-quarter profile, bust.

I stand between the battered, rusty
plow, lost in a stand of spruce,
and the house’s winter windows,
nearly buried by blizzard. I squint
and will be squinting forever,
standing, frozen by the shutters.

When I see myself, inside, later,
at first only pixels, then paper thin,
I am several hundred pounds of meat
none of it lean, leaning on a cane,
a lame spectacle trapped by
reflex and bifocality, with snow
at the temple of my thinning hair.

Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #42



Six Word Saturday

I Expected To See Purple Snow

snow map

Today’s first (semi-)human contact
was Mister Weatherman,
what’s-his-name, standing beside
his just-before-sunrise charts and maps,
pointing at my northeastern corner,
pointing at my purple landscape,
and announcing the season’s first snow.

Imagine my white surprise.

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…Shall Remain Nameless

Here’s a Submission History for a piece (Flash Fiction) I submitted to a journal that – according to my tracking software – claims a fairly rapid turnaround time (and the Duotrope Submission Manager software stats show that most responses occur within 90 days)…


Even though I scrupulously followed all submission requirements, here’s the history:

Submission Date: 3/17
1st Status Inquiry: 6/25 (No Response)
2nd Status inquiry: 7/13 (No Response)
3rd Status Inquiry: 7/27 (No Response)
4th Status Inquiry: 8/12 (No Response)

At this point, I gave them a two-week notice of impending withdrawal.

>> Submission Officially Withdrawn By Author: 8/25

Rejection Notice Received: 10/16/20

Yes, that’s right: They rejected me after ghosting me for 5 months, and then overlooked my (civil) withdrawal for an additional 2 months just to send me a rejection anyway.

I’m not going to name-shame the publication, but I’ll say that they are fairly reliable, have been turning out decent (Quarterly) issues sine 2013, and made no announcements either online or via email advising any delays (ie COVID, Staffing, Technical, etc.)

Probably won’t submit any more work there.

thumbs down


usta in my youth be
(truth be
usta in my youth
be bold and

usta in my youth
in my younger days
usta have my hopes
usta hunger for dope
usta hafta cope with
negative ways

Usta be a teapot
and short

usta court the spidergirls
itsy bitsy spidergirls
until I saw a wider world
and moved on out

RDP Thursday
~ Down The Line ~