No Quits Allowed

Like It Or Not

Even the sleep-impaired, sleep-deprived,
incoherent insomniac must comply:
there will be no exceptions made,
no exemptions granted.
Even though the earliest light
only magnifies the nothingness,
it is precisely that effect
which is to be recorded.
It is strictly forbidden
to reject the task, forbidden
to surrender to recalcitrance.

So: Now what, another Nagasaki?
Or will it just be the usual:
blueberry pancakes
and a pageful of denial?


Thursday Thirteen

13 (Variable) Volumes

1. Of Mice and Mum
2. All Quiet On The Western Front
3. Muted On The Bounty
4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Hush
5. The Silence of the Lambs
6. For Whom The Bell Fails
7. The Screamer In The Rye
8. A Tale of Two Sirens
9. The Loud Of The Rings
10. Charlotte’s Wail
11. War And Psssst
12. To Kill A Mumblebird
13. The Quick And The Deaf

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On The Couch at Eunoia Review


I’m happy to note that my flash fiction piece—and I do mean ‘flash’ (123 words)—entitled Couched is up today at Eunoia Review. “Eunoia” means “beautiful thinking” or “beautiful thoughts.” They publish a great mix of prose and poetry on a daily basis, and I’m very happy that they chose my piece for publication today.

You can read Couchedhere.

I was fortunate to have another piece (‘Rehearsal’) chosen by Editor Ian Chung back in October of last year.

You can readRehearsalhere.

Sticking a Bookmark on Eunoia Review will guarantee that you’ve always got something good to read.