Two More Before New Year


Received an acceptance today from Marie Lightman at The Writers’ Café Magazine for two (TWO!) poems to appear in Issue #14.

Due out on Dec 17, the theme for this issue is “Frost and Dew“.

My contributions: Inside Winter and Stormfront: Bookstore Café.

You know I’ll provide links when they’re up. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go do the Year-End Joy Dance!!


In Good Company


I’m now (officially) a member of the Memphremagog Arts Collaborative, and honored to be included among such extremely talented colleagues .

My new Headshot & new Artist’s Statement have been added to the MAC Members Pages.

The MAC Center For The Arts (Main St. / Newport, VT) is loaded with lots of reeeeallly fantastic creations in all genres and, if you’re in town, you should definitely swing by and check it out, even if you’re only window shopping.

Ron.’s (new) Member Page

mono no aware (A Tanka)

The prompt from The Imaginary Garden:

The Japanese phrase mono no aware (moh noh noh ah wah ray) refers to a wistful sadness at the passing of things. This includes leaves falling, the first frost, the ending of a relationship, the ending of an era, or death.

Under this deep snow
something green waits patiently
—or so it is said—
we can only remember
remember and remember


Thursday Thirteen

knee deep

I had to go out & clear the latest snows off the satellite dishes yesterday afternoon. How much snow was there, you ask? Well, it was knee-deep. Knee-Deep! Let me say that again, 13 times, with apologies in advance if Google Translator has misinformed me.

Knee-Deep, 13 Times

  1. ngamadolo-ajulile (Zulu)
  2. deri te gjunjët (Albanian)
  3. tizzam-chuqur (Uzbek)
  4. de genolls (Catalan)
  5. diz boyu (Turkish)
  6. tot aan de knieën (Dutch)
  7. genu-profunda (Esperonto)
  8. goti-kina (Swahili)
  9. tuhod-malalim (Filipino)
  10. glùine-domhainn (Scotish Gaelic)
  11. nga kopa-hohonu (Maori)
  12. dhengkul-jero (Javanese)
  13. hné djúpt (Icelandic)

Trudge On Over to the New Thursday 13


Go then, walk by oceans
lose yourself in blue
(or deep in forest green)
and I will find you there
my love; I will seek you out.

No barrier are these to me
who found you once
amid the rubble of my days.

RDP Tuesday — Walk
Imaginary Garden

All Together Now

Импичмент ублюдок. запереть его.

запереть его!
запереть его!
запереть его!

What? You don’t speak Russian?  You can copy & paste it into the translator HERE.

So; let me repeat:

запереть его!
запереть его!
запереть его!