(Mr.) Metamorphosis

I’m resurrecting this oldie for this week’s Writer’s Pantry over at Poets And Storytellers United. Originally published (online) in early 2016 at Red Wolf Journal, and included later that same year in their Song Of Myself Anthology.

(Mr.) Metamorphosis 

Call me Looneyman Coffeeslut.
When you find me in the morning
long before the sun comes up,
(as if there’s likely to be sun)
when you find me at the keyboard,
half a man half asleep, call me
Fingerdreams Hopeful, call me
Renovated Crashburn.
Yesterday I was Flabbergast
Downheart , but all my friends
(as if I’d had a friend)
loved me as I was, called me
Sameold Goodold when they
met me on the street, gave me
everything, I guess, they thought
a man like Hankernot Renunciation
might ever need. Still, though, need
followed me everywhere, hunger
dogged me secretly. Tomorrow
(as if there’s any other day)
is another day. Tomorrow
you can call me Smiley Nirvana;
tomorrow I’ll be Karmic Bailout.


Poets And Storytellers United
Writers’ Pantry #20
What’s In A Name

The Right Thing

He was all alone
All his friends saw him falling
No one stepped forward
He didn’t blame them at all
— Non-survivor’s empathy —


The Liar


I lied. Lied!
It’s time to get up.
Still in bed.
I thought about getting up.
Maybe tomorrow.

Poets and Storytellers United
Weekly Scribble #19
~ Lie To Me ~
(form: shadorma)

Joy Dance!


Honorable Mention.

My poem, Separate Ways, (a ghazal) won an Honorable Mention slot in the Joanna Catherine Scott Award contest (sonnet / formal verse category), sponsored by the North Carolina Poetry Society. I just received my Contributor Copy of Pinesong, the Society’s anthology of winning works in about a dozen different categories.

I have to admit: having read the (phenomenal!) winning sonnet in my category (and all the other categories as well), I’m feeling lucky to have garnered even an Honorable mention. Congratulations to poet Barbara Blanks for the laurels!

The NCPS usually has a (live) meeting / reading to release the anthology, and I was invited to attend and read, which wouldn’t have worked, given the distance involved; so NCPS Contest Director / lynchpin Craig Kittner kindly offered to present for me. I was greatly appreciative and reluctantly relinquished a personal appearance.

Then, (due to the damned pandemic) NCPS opted for a tele-celebration instead and I was re-invited to participate digitally but, sadly, was not available for that either.

I’m sure it was a wonderful day, filled with great literature, which I am sorry to have missed, either in person or digitally.

I’m sure NCPS can send you a copy of this year’s Pinesong Anthology.  Meanwhile…



Tuesday Morning Tease


He’s only half awake and
he’s barefoot, broom in hand,
wading through the ankle-deep
slushy freeze of what he hopes
is May’s long-awaited “final” snow,
hoping that brushing off the dish
will reinstate his internet.
………………………………………He’s left
the door open behind him, left
a towel on the floor by the door
so he can wipe and dry his feet,
let the snow melt off the broom
while he slips on his slippers and
waits for his coffee to finish.
can hear the morning weatherman
prognosticating fairer skies, saying
something about “possible clearing,
maybe by Thursday or Friday.”

RDP Tuesday ~ TEASE