Cream-Free Bliss


I like a nice KGB morning coffee, kinda:

I can do without the B for Baileys,
but coffee’s not my morning coffee
without its mouthdrooling Kahlua,
poured generously from its giant
month-long-supply two-liter jug
on top of a shot (or double-shot) 
of the god-sent Grand Marnier
Sandra picks up at the liquor store
once or twice per month 
just to keep me and my coffee happy.

And the coffee’s the best coffee ever:
rough-ground, high-density Sumatra
extra-dark, brewed on the “Ultra” setting
and poured over a small spoonful of 
dark sugar blended into the booze.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday mornings,
all week long and sometimes after dinner 
an irresistible liquified dessert (or two)
just to bliss me out while I write about
my all-time favorite (K/G, no B) treat.

Fandango’s One Word Challenge
FOWC — 02.26.2023
Concoction  ~


7 thoughts on “Cream-Free Bliss

  1. When I moved into the new place, the manager offered coffee to me and she said would you like this would you like this? Would you like this and I said yes yes yes and she said oh so you like your coffee taste like a candy bar and I said yes.

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  2. I had a friend who had a recipe for Kahlua and around Thanksgiving each year we’d get together and make a big batch of it that would party on throughout the winter. Enjoy your coffee, Ron. Cheers.

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