Ron.’s Honorifics Plan

(I’m not sure when, but
sometime soon, maybe)
I plan to award myself the 
International Procrastinator’s Medal.

I’ve been meaning to do it
for a while now,
but first…umm…

I’ve won a few other prizes
(I’ll tell you about them later)
but the IPM is a biggie.

I’d like to say I’ve worked hard
all my life for this great honor,
but I’ve just gotten around to it:
just started 
not getting up when I should,
not sitting down to write ASAP,
doing a crossword puzzle first, or
adding a double dose of
Kingdom Kind Better Than Edibles
Cannabis Oil Tincture
to my second or third cup of coffee
before making my decision about
whether or not to get started
writing the perfect poem.

I used to hop out of bed,
rush to my desk and 
jot jot jot the morning away
until morning became evening 
and she’d come in all huffy and
pry me away from the keyboard
to take a break, sit on the deck
and help her watch the sunset.

But all of that’s behind me now.
I’ve gotten pretty good at
putting all that stuff off.
Nowadays, I sit on the deck
all day long, doing nothing,
telling myself
I’m just waiting for, ummm…

I’m sure you get the point.

I think maybe tomorrow or
sometime next week (maybe)
I’ll name myself Founder of
The International Guild of
Professional  Procrastinators.

Linda G. Hill’s
Stream of Consciousness Saturday
Prize  ~


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