Life With Gigi

By Association

I never made a baby, so
most folks I meet call me
“that childless guy” but
I always think of myself as
being “child-free”.

I’m old now
and glad I have no kids
even though most folks think
I’d be a good parent, and
I think so, too, but I know
to be a really good parent
you have to want to be one.

I never made a baby, but
I know I’m still a hottie
(even after all these years)
because I’m happily married
to a Great Grandmother
and she’s a real hottie, so…

dVerse Poets Pub
Tuesday Poetics
~ Grandmothers ~


16 thoughts on “Life With Gigi

  1. My husband is the same, Ron, he would agree with you about being a really good parent but having to want to be one. My grandsons call him Granddad. Here’s to all of us older hotties!

  2. You’re a hottie Ron — or you’re runnin’ a fever. You are only as old as you feel my friend… for me that’s ‘bout right. 🙂✌🏼❣️

  3. This made me smile. Some young people these days, looking at the state of the world, are childless by choice too. As for my sister, after watching me struggle to raise four kids as a single mom, she always said she’s glad she chose dogs. LOL.

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