I must admit: I’m pretty sure I didn’t have it in me to meet The Bunny’s ghazal-ish prompt parameters today [Tuesday], so I wrote this instead.

(If you’d like to see what a real Ghazal looks like, you might read my award-winner HERE)




“Tuesday is as Tuesday does,” they tried to tell him;
but it was Tuesday so he wasn’t listening.

Nothing made sense to him anymore, anyway;
especially today, the new week just begun.

He was hoping for another long weekend, but
this early in the week, ‘weekend’ was meaningless.

Maybe tomorrow he would see things more clearly.
“After all, it’s only Tuesday,” he told himself.

Miz Quickly’s November
11.29.22 ~ Foxy Gazelleria

Quick red

4 thoughts on “Pre-Midweek

  1. Never heard of a ghazal before– it sounds hard to write– but you pulled it off 🙂 Well done. And I love your Separate Ways ghazal on Blogger, too (but am having issues commenting on that site). ❤

  2. I think I wrote a ghazal once…
    But today I think I wrote ‘flounder’ –

    I don’t think you floundered if you found anything of value on a Tuesday 🙂

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