A Little Dusty, But. . .

On The Bright Side

Even though starvation was likely
there were still a few things
the castaway couldn’t eat:
fishbones; seagull feathers;
lizard eyes.
…………………….The fishbones and
seagull feathers were inedible
but the lizard eyes were just gross.

And besides: he’d noticed that
the lizard’s eyeballs, baked
in the inescapable sunshine,
hardened into gemlike pebbles
and could be woven together by
strands of dried-out seaweed.

Ages and ages later, sailors
rediscovering the tiny island
stood gaping at the skeleton,
admiring its bejeweled wrists
and sparkly decorated neckbones.

Tuesday Twiglet
Twiglet #307
~ lizard eyes ~


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