Sorry John

A Haibun with an aphoristic American Sentence closer, written for this week’s Meeting The Bar / Forms challenge at the dVerse Poets Pub: Aphoristics. Thanks to Bjorn for hosting and providing a cool prompt.


Sorry John

My friend John was a recording artist. Lots of people remember his songs. He’s not around anymore, but you can still hear him occasionally on the radio. A lot of what he recorded was drivel-ish but, as time went by, he got more serious with his messaging, and those are the tunes I remember best. One of them had several verses that ended with: “All we are saying / is give Peace a chance.” That remains one of my favorites, decades later, long after he vanished.

Even today, every time My Beloved Sandra and I prepare to go the markets, I insert “World Peace” somewhere on the list, but we always come back disappointed, empty-handed, and thinking maybe John was just a dreamer.

It’s best not to look for
whatever it is
that you can never find.

dVerse Poets Pub
Meeting The Bar / Form
~ Aphoristics ~


14 thoughts on “Sorry John

  1. Oh, he was indeed a dreamer — who sadly met a nightmarish end. I remember the day he went away. It hurt. 😕 Really liked this post Ron.

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