The little black Linksys box
blinks and blinks and blinks
as if I needed a blinking box
to tell me there’s No Internet.

And the 800 number’s useless;
gets me no further than the
repetitive recorded compuvoice
thanking me for my call and
telling me that it’s important
and they’re doing their best
so I should just hold the line
and wait and wait and wait.

When I finally get Robo Robbie
he tells me to unplug everything,
to wait a minute before replugging 
(like I’ve never done this before).
and asks me if I have a bypass cord
(whatever the hell a bypass cord is)
which, of course, I tell him I do not.

So they’ve got my name and number
and they might get back in touch
later today or sometime tomorrow
with all the deets on if and when
their techno minion might arrive
to wave his magic micro wand
to stop my blinking box’s blink
and get me back online.

Tuesday Twiglets 08.30.22
Twiglet #294
~ a dark wall ~


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