Posse Corvidatus

Posse Corvidatus

He believes that all the crows he’s ever seen
belong to the same band of fifty or sixty crows
that have been following him since birth.

He’s given up attempting invisibility; given up
escape attempts; given up using an alias,
dying his hair, dressing like his mother.

None of his obfuscations work. No matter
who he pretends to be or where he tries to go,
wherever he is, the crows are there to watch.

Three of them, muttering ringleaders,
stare down from otherwise silent trees,
waiting for him to make his next move.

dVerse Poets Pub
Tuesday Poetics
~ Corvid Poetry ~


13 thoughts on “Posse Corvidatus

  1. Yes, I believe you Ron. Crows, ravens, rooks and the like, are damned relentless birds. They fix on you, and they will never leave. You’ll be lonely nevermore. 😏

  2. They do seem to follow one and they know where you are. I am not sure it is all darkness though as they are highly intelligent. I sometimes feel like they are shadow watchers.

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