Certain Uncertainties Remain

Because it’s the fifth day of month five, Laura Bloomsbury (our host for this week’s Meeting The Bar Challenge over at dVerse Poets) asks us to create a Cinquain in the style developed by Adelaide Crapsey, consisting of 5 stanzas, 5 lines each, with a syllable count of 2-4-6-8-2. So…


Certain Uncertainties Remain

Ron.’s dead
(or thinks he’s dead).
He’s never really sure.
(He’s never sure of anything,
is he?)

He’s sure
about this, though:
Nothing Is For Certain.
(Nothing is ever for certain,
Is it?)

Ron.’s been
around a while
(‘It feels like forever,’
he says, grinning like the moron
he is).

I mean
how can you fail
to know how old you are
or if you’re dead or still alive?
How? How?

Don’t ask;
he doesn’t know.
(There’s lots he doesn’t know,
and lots he doesn’t want to know;
like, ummm…)

dVerse Poets Pub
Meeting The Bar 
~ Crapsey Cinquain ~


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