Forgone Isolation

Forgone Isolation

He tries to think of the advantages of leaving his narrow dirt road behind, navigating through woodlands down to the village’s pavements, driving out past the general store and the Co-Op’s silos, getting onto the interstate and driving south most of the day, all the way to the overcrowded boisterous capitol, and finally finding his seat amid maybe six or eight hundred others to see if he enjoys the live show as much as he does when he’s home alone, listening to his radio. He can’t. He doesn’t.

hermitage has benefits
most roads lead nowhere
—isolation amplifies—

NaPoWriMo 2022 / Day 27

Go Dog Go Café
Haibun Wednesday
~ On The Road ~

Fandango’s One Word
~ Forgo ~


9 thoughts on “Forgone Isolation

  1. I am so with you on this one, Ron. The last live concert I attended was outside and it poured down rain, the sound system was a mess at first, and they wouldn’t let me bring my water through the gates. It was great music though, Steven Stills and Judy Collins. What voices even in old age. (But it would have better at home with my wine!)

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