Into the In The

Into The In The

Maybe I’m just
lost in the moment or
leaving a hole in the narrative
but I know this much:
a scream in the night
like a fart in the bed
or a pie in the sky,
a crick in the neck
or a fly in the ointment
can leave you feeling like
a monkey in the middle.

But even so,
having a bird in the hand
and taking a shot in the dark
(even in the nick of time)
can still be a
pain in the ass.

Sometimes it’s hard
to get back in the saddle.

NaPoWriMo 2022 / Day 7
Writer’s Digest (Day 6) Prompt
~ (blank) in the (blank) ~


5 thoughts on “Into the In The

  1. You sure hit the head of the nail with the hammer…on the head. Wait. The nail of the hammer on the head. No! Wait. Um. The hammer head… I give up. But sure am glad you didn’t. You nailed it!

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