Fear Nothing

Fear Nothing

Do not fear what will never be.
Nothing is impossible. Nothing.

Do not fear that you will not last.
Nothing will vanquish you. Nothing.

Do not fear your forgetfulness.
Do not fear your recollections.
Nothing worth keeping forever
will ever become a nothing.

Do not fear being afraid, but
do not fear. Fear nothing.

dVerse Poets Pub
Tuesday Poetics
~ Anaphora / Repetition ~


17 thoughts on “Fear Nothing

  1. Great job. I was with my dad today and he doesn’t remember anything anymore. He can’t understand why and he can’t understand what it is he is trying to remember. I just tell him not to worry, there is nothing he needs to worry about.

  2. Late to the reading and the posting. Enjoyed this one and most especially these lines
    “Nothing worth keeping forever
    will ever become a nothing.”
    So very true!

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